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Leah AlvarezMy name is Leah Alvarez and I am very happy to see you on my web page. I am a professional artist and interior designer with five years of experience. Despite this, I still remember, how hard it was to choose a good set of paints when I started to draw.

I tried tens of various products before I found the ones I like! I want to help beginning artists by sharing the list of the best acrylic paint of 2018 and a few tips for choosing them.




№1 – Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint
All colors are rich and thick;
All tubes have detailed markings with info about the color transparency;
48-piece set allows you to easily get any shade you want;
Perfectly retains brush strokes.

Why did this acrylic paint win the first place?

Because this is a great set of paints for a reasonable price.


№2 – Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set
These are all-purpose paints, so you can use them on all surfaces (wood, plaster, tin, fabric and other);
Easy to clean with simple water;
Dries quickly and does not lose its brightness with time;
Safe for children.

Why did this acrylic paint come in second place?

Because this set is great for both craft and painting, but bottles are very inconvenient.


№3 – Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic Paint Set
The package looks beautiful;
Works great on all paintable surfaces;
All paints are 100% natural;
Strong lightfast colors.

Why did this acrylic paint take third place?

Because paints are vivid and colorful, but they quickly end since tubes are too small. When compared to other products from this list, this set is the least efficient moneywise.





Attention! Don’t buy any acrylic paints until you read the FAQ!



What acrylic paint colors to start with?

I would recommend you to buy quality paints right away. You might think that it is better to start from cheaper student-grade paints, but generally, they contain much less pigment and show unsatisfactory results. Buy a good set of basic colors (at least six colors) – it will be enough to get started in painting.

What is the difference between poster paint and acrylic paint?

Poster paints are not really thick or intensive and they can get too watery and drip. They do not look shiny or glossy. Acrylic paints have thick texture – colors are rich and deep, they provide a nice gloss. Moreover, paints are flexible and do not crack on stretched canvas as poster paints do.

What is the difference between white acrylic paint and gesso?

acrylic paintsGesso is a substance that you paint on raw canvas as a layer between the cloth and the paint. It prevents the material from soaking up too much paint. Gesso is white and very thick, while paint is thinner and comes in many colors.

Can I use paint on metal without a primer?

Yes, not all metal surfaces require a primer. For example, you can paint right on the stainless steel without any problems. However, metals exposed to the elements do not hold paint good enough without a primer.

Can acrylic paint be used on glass bottles?

Yes, but you have to either prepare the glass surface before painting on it (with a glass medium) or use specially made self-sealing paints.

How long does paint last in the bottle?

It strongly depends on the quality of paints. Some paints last for decades and stay fine, and some may be good for only five years before seizing up. I recommend you to store them in a refrigerator if you want to prolong their life span.

What type of roller to buy for acrylic paint?

Here is a nice inexpensive set you can have fun with:

4pcs/set sponge roller stamper
Niche Leader
Safe for children;
Easy to clean;
Includes four rollers of various shapes;
Rollers are durable and look nice.

Check Price!


Can acrylic paint be used on ceramic?

Yes, there should be no problems. Use varnish and seal acrylic paint after it has dried to make sure that it would stick for a long time.

Does paint do well outside?

Yes, there are weather-resistant outdoor paints that work great outside.

How long should paint dry before varnish is applied?

acrylic paintDespite the fact that acrylic paint quickly gets dry to the touch, I recommend you to wait at least a week before applying varnish. The paint may be still wet underneath if you do it too soon.

Do I need to heat set acrylic paint on fabric?

Yes, if you are planning to wash it. Otherwise, it is not necessary (yet desirable).

What are the benefits of working with acrylic paint?

This paint is super versatile – you can thin it with water to make it look like watercolour paint or use several layers to imitate oil paint. Additionally, you can apply it to many various surfaces, it dries quickly, and it is lightfast, crack resistant and has a sturdy finish.

How long does paint take to cure?

The paint considered cured when its coating reaches its maximum hardness and it is absolutely dry underneath it. Usually, the dry time for paints is about 15 minutes and the cure time is roughly a week.

What is better: acrylic paint or oil?

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but I think that it is better to learn painting with paints since they are flexible, lightfast and can be used on any surfaces.

What are acrylic paint markers?

Paint markers are tools that make drawing easier. I use this set:

Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen
Niche Leader
It is inexpensive;
Paints are non-toxic and waterproofed;
The set includes 15 of the most popular colors;
You can write with these markers over acrylic paint without them getting clogged.

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Why is my paint sticky after drying?

Acrylic paint might be too sticky because you are applying it too thickly. It should be varnished when it is finished to prevent stickiness.

Are acrylic fumes toxic?

Yes, cheap student-grade paint may give off harmful fumes causing headache and nausea. Buy non-toxic products if you want to prevent such problems.

Are acrylic paint safe for skin?

Non-toxic acrylic paints are absolutely safe for your skin.

How to draw with acrylic paint: background or foreground first?

It depends on the painting. If you have a simple background with a complex foreground – start from background. Otherwise, paint the foreground first. I usually start from background.

What are the must-known techniques of acrylic paint?

Here are some basic techniques of paint application for beginners:

  • Washing;
  • Dry brush;
  • Stippling;
  • Flicking;
  • Dabbing;
  • Palette knife.

Can I apply acrylic paint over spray paint?

Yes. It is necessary to wait until spray paint cures – it takes about three or four weeks. Do not forget to sand the surface and use a primer before painting.

Is it OK to use acrylic as body paint?

Yes, acrylic paint can be used as body paint. It is totally safe for human skin. However, acryl tends to crack and flake off pretty easily, so it is better to use specialized body paint.

Can I use acrylic paint as glue?

Why not? This paint is pretty sticky, so you can use it as a decent adhesive in collages (if you apply it fairly thickly).

What are acrylic paint brushes made of?

Every paintbrush consist of four parts: bristles (can be natural, synthetic or combine both types), ferrule (usually made from aluminum), crimp and handle (made from wood or plastic). Here is a nice set for those who want to try various paintbrushes:

Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set
Niche Leader
Includes 25 high-quality paintbrushes;
There are brushes made from nylon, bristle, sponge and camel hair;
The whole set is very cheap;
All brushes are useful.

Check Price!


Does acrylic paint glow under blacklight?

No, standard paint does not glow under ultraviolet light. However, there are paints that have additives in them to react with black light.

What is the difference between acrylic paint and tempera?

The main difference is that tempera paints are not permanent and smelly. Acrylic paints are almost odorless and permanent once dry.

Do I need to prime wood before using paint?

Yes. Use at least a couple of coats of gesso – otherwise the wood will suck up all the paint.

acrylic paints

How do I get acrylic paint out of carpet?

Brush the stain with something soft. Toothbrush is a good option. You can use the mix of soapy water (ten parts) and vinegar (one part) and apply it to the stain.

Can I use paint on fabric without textile medium?

Yes, you can, but remember that paint will come off after the first wash if it was applied without medium.

Which paper should I use for acrylic paint?

You can use basically any kind of paper with paint. I myself work with acrylic as with watercolors so I prefer heavier paper.

Can acrylic paint be thinned with water?

Of course! It is one of the main advantages of paint. You could add up to 30 percent of water to paint and would still nicely coat most surfaces.

Why does acrylic paint dry fast?

This paint dry when the water evaporates out of it. If it dries too fast, try adding more water to it or use a spray bottle (atomizer) to keep paints moist if needed.

When acrylic paint was invented?

Paint was developed in the late 1940s. It went on sale only in the 1950s. The very first brand of acrylic paint was named “Magna”.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the paints by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Acrylic paint is a great medium for beginners. It is very versatile, inexpensive and the least toxic. Besides, in the hands of a professional artist, paints can be used to create paintings indistinguishable from oil or watercolor paintings. If you have never held a paintbrush in hand, acryl is the best option for you. I know that there are plethora of brands, so I made my TOP 3 list of the best products to simplify your choice – believe me, I tried all of them myself and I was fully satisfied with them. Good luck, and enjoy painting – it is beautiful!

So, TOP3 of acrylic paints:

Roller for acrylic paint:

Acrylic paint markers:

Acrylic paint brushes:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about acrylic paints is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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