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Hector GilbertMy name is Hector Gilbert, and I am a huge Beyblade fan. I even participated in an official USA Beyblade tournament in 2016! If you have recently found out these toys and want to get yourself one – you came to the right place!

Here is my rating list of the best Beyblades of 2018 and a guide for beginners. I hope you will find it useful. Enjoy!



Top 8 best beyblades reviews:





I tested most strongest Beyblades. Here is Score Sheet table.

BeybladeFang LeoneKreis CygnusMetal FusionPhantom OrionHades KerbecsScythe KronosDiablo NemesisGalaxy PegasusEarth EagleBasalt HorogiumWin rate
Fang LeoneХ67687966
Kreis Cygnus4Х5675665
Metal Fusion35Х575668
Phantom Orion445Х54657
Hades Kerbecs2335Х5876
Scythe Kronos35565Х365
Diablo Nemesis144427Х65
Galaxy Pegasus4445344Х6
Earth Eagle45234554Х
Basalt Horogium335255464




№1 – Fang Leone Starter Set

Fang Leone Starter Set
Changeable modes (defensive and counter attack);
I have a very high and stable win rate with it;
Includes launcher and stickers;
The color is great!

Why did this Beyblade win the first place?

Because this is an official top tier Beyblade with great stamina and balance.


№2 – Kreis Cygnus Starter Set

Kreis Cygnus Starter Set
Great at defense;
Has energy ring with iron powder fillings;
It can slide in both directions;
Has a lot of stamina;
The cheapest Beyblade in this rating.

Why did this Beyblade come in second place?

Because it is a great Beyblade for beginners! It was my brother’s first blade and he got used to it very quickly.


№3 – Metal Fusion Starter Set

Metal Fusion Starter Set
Includes a white launcher, which is awesome (usually they are black);
4D bottom is great for aggressive playstyle;
It is pretty heavy and absolutely destroys lighter models;
Has two performance modes (attack and absorb).

Why did this Beyblade take third place?

Because it is a good attack type Beyblade, but it is not so versatile.



How to build the strongest Beyblade possible?

If you are not impressed with performance of Beyblades from the table above, learn to customize your battle top. Customization is the key to victory that adds precious percentages to the win rate. It seems pretty easy, but besides buying additional parts, the whole process requires a lot of time and patience.

First of all, choose the type of bey you need. If you are trying to build a defense-type Beyblade – use a protected and heavy metal fusion wheel (for instance, the Earth Aquila 145WD or Earth Virgo GB145BS) and defensive tips (CS, RB, RS, RDF and RSF). If you prefer aggressive playstyle – go for quality attack type parts, and if you choose stamina-oriented bey – use stamina tips and rings.

It is very important to find the sweet spot, where your Beyblade would show successful results on the stadium against enemies of all types. Keep playing, keep making new adjustments, keep tracking your win rate – and after some practice you will be able to build the strongest Beyblade for you.





Attention! Don’t buy any Beyblade until you read the FAQ!



What are Beyblade toys?

Beyblades are great spinning tops toys for battles between two players. Both players use launchers (usually included in set) to simultaneously launch their Beyblades into a special stadium – if Beyblade is knocked out of it or stops spinning, then its owner loses a point. The person who reaches seven points first wins. Here is a good video of fights between Big Bang Pegasis and Fang Leone:


What Beyblade can spin left and right?

Currently there are six models, that can spin in both directions: Gravity Destroyer AD145WD, Variares D:D, Proto Nemesis 170RD, Variares 145WB, Torch Pegasus and Thunder Pegasus.

What series is better: Beyblade Pegasus vs Leone?

Oh, Beyblade Pegasus vs Beyblade Leone is a classic battle from Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime. Honestly, I like them both, but according to anime, Leon is stronger.

What type of Beyblade is Phantom Orion?

It is a great stamina-type blade. I recommend you to buy it if you want to try a good long-spinning Beyblade:

Phantom Orion Starter Set
Niche Leader
It is able to solo spin for more than seven minutes straight!
I have been using this model for two years and it still looks and works as great as new!
It has a super good balance;
This is a very nice Beyblade for stamina and attack.

Check Price!


What type of Beyblade is Hades Kerbecs?

Hades Kerbecs is yet another great stamina-type bey. Here is a link if you are interested in buying it:

Takara Tomy Starter Set
Niche Leader
It looks cool on pictures, but in real life it is even better!
Has one of the largest and most versatile fusion wheels;
It is good for any type of customization;
Works in Boost and Attack modes – the former is great in stamina battles!

Check Price!


What Beyblade can beat Hades Kerbecs?

Twisted Tempo 145WD is great against bigger stamina-typed Beyblades like Hades Kerbecs! Try it yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised how powerful it is.

Is a stamina Beyblade good for beginners?

Yes, why not? Stamina type Beyblades are easy to maintain and fun to play with. By the way, a good stamina Beyblade, such as Fang Leone, can also be used as a decent attack blade.

Defensive (stamina-type) Beyblades focus on outlasting your opponent’s blade. Your goal is to make it spin as long as possible to win through being the last top spinning. I really like this style of play – it is very exciting, because some games may drag on for five and even more minutes. If you are fond of long battles, then a stamina Beyblade is a good choice for you.

Beyblades of this type are higher than other blades and use more sharper performance tips. Most players choose defensive tips and lighter fusion wheels. You can also try to use attack tips – sometimes I do this to increase my stamina Beyblade performance in mirror match-ups. However, stick to Defensive parts when playing against attack types Beyblades.

What type of Beyblade is Scythe Kronos?

Scythe Kronos is a stamina-type Beyblade. You can buy it from a trustworthy vendor here:

Scythe Khronos Starter Set
Niche Leader
This is one of the longest lasting blades with a stamina level 5;
It is very sturdy;
Has a great picture of Grim Reaper on its energy ring;
Shows decent results both in attack and stamina modes.

Check Price!


Can Beyblade spin on water?

Well, it spins in water, if it is not very high. You can also place something on the water (I did it in a swimming pool) as a stadium and play with your friend a couple of battles. It is fun at first, but gets boring fast because you need to get out your Beyblades from water every time.

Who is the strongest blader?

Ryuuga Kishatsu considered as the best blader from Metal Saga anime. I tend to agree with the majority, since he lost only two battles!

pro Beyblade kit

How to Beyblade like a pro?

You need to practice a lot – this is the only method I know! Learn to effectively use different modes of your Beyblades and try various types – you will need to play equally good with attack, defense, stamina and balance types.

How to change modes on Beyblades?

You can change modes before battles (only three blades can do it in-battle: Final Survive, X Drive and Final Drive). Depending on your Beyblade, it can be done by changing its metal wheel positioning, energy ring rotation or changing the performance tip.

What is the best Beyblade for attack?

Meteo L Drago is hands down the best! Its attack speed is super high, because it has a lot of energy. It is one of my favorites!

What is the best Beyblade for beginners?

All Beyblades from my rating list are good for beginner! I think that it is easier to play with defensive/stamina Beyblades, so I would choose BB124 Metal Fusion Kreis Cygnus if I were you.

Why is Libra Beyblade banned?

It was banned by World Beyblade Organization because of its enormous popularity. It showed great results in stamina, defense and balance – generally, it was just too good, so there is no wonder that it had completely dominated the metagame soon after the release. You had to play Libra – because it completely destroyed any other Byblade. It had to be banned in order to make battles more competitive.

What type of Beyblade is Diablo Nemesis?

Diablo Nemesis is a popular Balance-Type Beyblade. Here is a link:

Diablo Nemesis Starter Set
Niche Leader
In my opinion, it looks just awesome!
It is great in both of its modes (attack and balance);
Has three performance tips;
When it is attacked during the ultimate balance mode, it changes modes itself, which is amazing!

Check Price!


What Beyblade can beat Diablo Nemesis?

Diablo Nemesis is hard to beat, but you can do it with Beyblades from Metal Masters series. For example, Epic Gravity Perseus will easily defeat it.

What type of Beyblade is Galaxy Pegasus?

Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F is an awesome attack-type Beyblade from advanced bladers! If you feel that you are good enough to handle it – you should definitely buy it:

Galaxy Pegasis Starter Set
Niche Leader
Great design!
I like its yellow launcher (it is always nice to have something original);
It is 100% original Japanese toy;
Despite its aggressive nature, it also can be used as a decent balance-type Beyblade.

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Who sings Beyblade theme song?

Beyblade theme song for American viewers is sang by Sick Kid and Lukas Rossi.

What is the best Beyblade stadium?

I highly recommend this battle set for beginners:

Hyper-Strike Be Stadium Arena
Niche Leader
It includes two awesome Beyblades tops;
It has everything you need to start playing with your friend;
Stadium itself looks really good – there is no doubt that it is made from high quality plastic;
Includes unique colored launchers (blue and green).

Check Price!


How long does a Beyblade spin?

It depends on the type of a Beyblade. Obviously, stamina-type blades show better results. Phantom Orion B:D seems to be the best – it can spin up to 7.5 minutes.

What are Beyblade battles by Zankye?

Zankye is a professional blader with one of the biggest YouTube channels about Beyblades. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/zankye/videos. He makes tons of interesting videos about them – there is a new video almost every day!

What Beyblade fusion wheels are made from?

Fusion wheels are usually made from metal. This is one of the most important part of every Beyblade – it provides weight to the top and works as the primary point of contact in battle. Some models use plastic fusion wheels.

What is a Beyblade made of?

It almost entirely consists from plastic (with the exception of fusion wheels).

How to get the best Beyblade launcher?

Choosing a good Beyblade is very important, but there is another thing that really matters – Beyblade launcher. There are many different models available on the market and it is not that easy to find the best one. Of course, you can always use cheap and simple launchers that are usually included with Beyblades themselves, but if you want to get really good, you have to use something more serious.

There are two types of Beyblade launchers: string launcher and ripcord launcher. Both types can be used with the same efficiency, but I myself prefer rip gauge launchers since they are easier to use. However, string launchers provide more power, so you should better choose them if you are looking for the fastest launch speed.

Beyblade string launcher grips worth a special mention. There are tons of various grips for standard string launcher. They mostly serve the decorative function and as collectible items and their price varies from five dollars to hundreds of dollars (for unique handmade grips).

Which Beyblade launcher is the best?

This is the coolest launcher I have ever seen:

Rip Gauge Launcher
Niche Leader
It has a digital screen, which shows your launch speed;
Works with all original Beyblades;
Made from high-quality plastic – my brother had dropped it on concrete floor a couple of times, but it still works great;
You can customize the launch speed;
It only needs a couple of batteries to work.

Check Price!


What do I need to play Beyblade?

You need any model of Beyblade and a stadium (it is better to buy one, but you can make it yourself – use a simple card box, for example). Find a friend who has a Beyblade too and battle with him!

Can you spin Beyblades without launcher?

Yes, you can play without it and set your Beyblades in motion by your bare hands (though it will significantly reduce its spinning time).

What companies manufacture Beyblades?

Beyblades are developed and manufactured by Japanese entertainment company “Takara Tomy”. “Hasbro” sells these toys internationally under license.

Why Beyblades are so popular?

Firstly, these toys are super fun to play with. Secondly, there are great manga and anime series about Beyblades. The newest one, «Metal Fight Beyblade 4D», is still airing! It connects people around entire world and keeps telling interesting stories and show cool battles. If you never saw it – you should definitely do it!



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Beyblade by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

That is all! I tried to cover the most important things that you should know about Beyblades. Of course, this guide is far from complete: there are many things that you will want to learn about this fantastic toys and exciting anime series. There is no doubt that your first Beyblade will make you fall in love with this game! Buy Beyblades from my rating list, practice, play with friends and attend to various tournaments. You will meet many new people and, of course, have a lot of fun! I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Good bye!

So, TOP3 of Beyblade:

Phantom Orion:

Scythe Khronos:

Diablo Nemesis:

Best Beyblade stadium:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Beyblade is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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