7 Best disc golf discs sets of 2018 for [beginners] & [intermediate].

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Enrique WardHi! My name is Enrique Ward and I have been playing disc golf as long as I can remember myself. I made this buying guide specifically for those who want to start playing this awesome game and have no idea where to start from.

Of course, you would need to buy a good disk golf disc at first – and I will help you to do it! Here is my rating list of the best disc golf discs of 2018.




№1 – INNOVA DISC GOLF DX 3 Pack Disc Set

Innova discs considered the best by many professional players;
This set includes all types of disc golf discs;
Good deal for the price;
Made from super durable plastic

Why did this golf disc win the first place?

Because the price tag is great and all these discs are professional-grade.


№2 – Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set
Approved by PDGA:
The price is great;
Colors are vivid and do not get lost with time;
You will not get very sad if you happen to lose it.

Why did this golf disc come in second place?

Because the set includes all main types of disc golf discs and comes in a nice package, but it is not as good for professional players as more expensive brands.


№3 – Disc Golf Starter Set

Disc Golf Starter Set
Includes a free mini disk;
You are getting all possible types of disc golf discs with this set;
Perfect for novice players;
The seller offers full refund within 30 days.

Why did this golf disc take third place?

Because this set includes the best models from Innova, but the price is too high and the package is not original.





Attention! Don’t buy any disc golf discs until you read the FAQ!



How to store disc golf discs?

There are nice disc golf discs-specific storage containers that you can buy, but it is OK to use simple boxes. I stack my discs vertically and keep them in a pantry.

store disc golf discs

Can you put disc golf discs in the dishwasher?

No way! It will definitely remove the stamps off and even might damage the plastic.

What do numbers on disc golf discs mean?

The numbers that you can find on the bottom of the disc golf disc describe its weight in grams. There are also letters that describe its model.

How much do disc golf discs weight?

Vast majority of disc golf discs are made in a set of various weight, that varies from 120 to 180 grams. Some say that the best weight for beginners is 175 gram, since it is the exact weight of most traditional “Frisbees” disk golf discs. However, you need to consider your age, size and strength while making your choice. Simply speaking, the bigger you are – the heavier disc you should get (120 g disc would be the best option for child, and 170+ disc is great for an adult man).

What is the best disc golf discs for intermediate players?

Here is a link for a decent set for non-professional players:

Innova Champion Material Disc Golf
Niche Leader
Includes three types of disc golf discs: a distance driver, putter and mid-range;
Excellent durability;
This set has everything you need to start playing;
Perfect weight for an average player.

Check Price!


How many disc golf discs should you have?

Of course, the exact number does not exists. Some enthusiasts and collectors have more than one hundred disc golf discs – but that amount is obviously not needed for comfort play. I myself carry about 20 discs of different mold (but I have a lot more at home).

disc golf discs

How to find disc golf discs in water?

It is very hard! If your disk golf disc does not float, you are going to spend some time retrieving it out of the water. If the water is murky and deep, you will need a waterproof flashlight and goggles. And, of course, big enough lungs. Another option is to put on waders and use rake.

What disc golf discs are better for sidearm (forehand) throwers?

In order to increase the distance, sidearm (forehand) throwers should use high speed and wide-rim drivers. Firebird from Innova and Cannon from Legacy are suitable options.

What is the best disc golf discs for ultimate players?

I like this set very much:

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Disc Golf Discs
Niche Leader
These disc golf discs are designed by professional players;
LED lighting makes them look awesome;
You can adjust the lighting to one of the seven colors;
Made from high quality plastic.

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What are the best disc golf discs for tomahawk throw?

In my subjective opinion, super stable fairway drivers tend to flight the slowest in the air, so they make the longest distance. High speed drivers may flip over and dive the fastest, and putters are made for control overhands.

night disc golf discs

What is the best disc golf discs for flicking?

To be honest, any driver-type disc gold disc should be suitable. The Innova set from my rating list includes Valkyrie distance driver – it would be a great choice for flicking.

Which disc golf discs float?

All manufacturers mention if it disc is floatable on the packaging and sometimes on the disc itself. Among the floating disc golf discs, my favorites are Innova Dolphin, Innova Phenix and Latitude 64 Opto Air.

What is the best disc golf discs to have?

This is a great set of disc that is great for both novice and professional players:

Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set
Niche Leader
Comes with an incredible disc golf discs carrying bag;
Equally good for professionals and beginners;
Approved by Professional Disc Golf Association;
The package is beautiful, which makes this set a perfect gift for any disc golfer.

Check Price!


What type of plastic are disc golf discs made of?

Disc gold discs are manufactured from polyethylene. This plastic is derived from ethylene (it is a colorless, flammable gas, which is being converted into a polymer under high pressure).

How does weight affect disc golf discs flight?

The lighter the disk golf disk – the easier it will spin, but also the lower stability it will have at high speed. Heavier disc fly better in headwinds, but fall faster than light models.

Is there are disc golf discs for small hands?

Of course. People with small hand should try disc golf discs models designed for children and women, such as Latitude 64 Diamond.

What is the best set of disc golf discs for beginners?

This great set offers all you need to start playing disc golf:

Portable Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Goal Set Comes with 9 Discs
Niche Leader
Includes a disc golf basket with trapper basket and double chains;
Nine discs are enough for a small party;
Comes with a good carrying case;
Great price/quality ratio.

Check Price!


Are there disc golf discs for lefties?

Yes, nearly all manufacturers offer models specifically designed for left-handed people. However, you might as well buy a regular disc golf disc – the only difference is its tendency to fly right when you are throwing forehand and fly left when you are using backhand throw.

How are disc golf discs made?

stand whith disc golf discsThis process consists of these stages:

  • Raw plastic preparation;
  • Feeding the unmelted plastic;
  • Transporting to the extruder barrel and melting;
  • Injection of the melted plastic;
  • Cooling and removal;
  • Decorating;
  • Packaging.

What disc golf discs do the pros use?

According to data from Professional Disc Golf Association World Championships, these are the most popular disc golf discs among participants:

  • Fairway driver – Innova TeeBird;
  • Distance driver – Innova Firebird;
  • Midrange – Innova ROC.

What are mini disc golf discs used for?

Mini disc golf discs are called “marker discs”. They are used to accurately mark the throwing position before throwing the “regular” disc. Nearly all professionals use them during tournaments.

What are the best disc golf discs of all time?

I am going to agree with world champions and say that the best fairway driver is Innova TeeBird, the best distance driver is Innova Firebird and the best midrange disc is Innova ROC.

What are the best disc golf discs for night games?

This model from Nite Ize is my favorite to play at dusk:

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc
Niche Leader
It is floatable;
The lighting is very bright;
It is very sturdy;
The battery lasts for months – I bought this a year and a half ago and it still has charge!

Check Price!


What are the best disc golf discs ever?

Innova makes hands down the best disc golf discs in the world. Their products are popular among players of all levels – it can be explained by their great durability and flight characteristics.

Can you bleach disc golf discs?

No, because it will remove the color of your disc golf disc and might also damage the plastic making it illegal for competitive play. If you want to clear it – just use soap and water.

Can you take disc golf discs on a plane?

Of course. Disc golf discs are perfectly fine to carry on planes unless you strap bombs to them.

How fast do disc golf discs fly?

Officially, the highest speed achieved by a disc golf disc is 152.9 km/h.

Are there good bags for disc golf discs?

This disc golf dag is the best I have ever had:

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag
Niche Leader
Comes in six different colors;
Made from sturdy light weighed material;
Has a bottle holder;
Includes a comfortable shoulder strap.

Check Price!


What dimensions of disc golf discs are approved by PDGA?

According to standards of Professional Disc Golf Association, the disc golf discs must be made of solid, non-magnetic plastic material, not be less than 21 cm or bigger than 31 cm in outside disc diameter and not exceed 200 grams weight. These are only the main requirements – look up details on PDGA web site.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the disc golf discs by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Disc golf is a fun game that is very easy to learn. The benefits of this sport are numerous. It is good for health (both mental and physical), great as a stress reliever and perfect outdoor activity for a party of people with different ages. I thought about those who have never ever played disc golf when I was making this buying guide, so if you are complete beginner and just want to get a decent product – choose any set from my TOP-3 list. You will get everything you need to start playing. Good luck and have fun!

So, TOP3 of disc golf discs:

Golf discs for intermediate players:

Golf discs for ultimate players:

Disc golf discs for beginners:

Disc golf discs for night games:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about disc golf discs is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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