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My name is Enrique Ward and I have been playing golf since 14 age. As you may have guessed, I really like this game. One day I thought to myself, that I should share my knowledge with other people – this is how this page was born.

This guide will help novice golfers – I made a TOP-3 list of the best golf balls of 2018 and tried to tell about various details that you need to know about them. I hope that you will find it useful!




№1 – NXT TOUR MIX AAAA – 50 balls

NXT TOUR MIX AAAA - 50 balls
Very durable top quality golf balls;
90% of balls were absolutely mint, and the rest had only minor scuffs;
Includes only branded NXT Tour balls up to 2012 season;
Affordable price.

Why did this golf balls win the first place?

Because it is the best option that you can get for this price. I bought five of these packs and did not have any troubles with them!


№2 – CALLAWAY MIX AAAA – 50 balls

This is a mixture of quality Callaway balls;
Made in United States;
Nearly all balls that I got from this package were in great shape;
Great for novice golfer.

Why did this golf balls come in second place?

Because this is a great deal. With a little bit of luck you may get almost unused golf balls, but usually there are 3 or 4 of them that look really bad – though they can still be used for practice.


№3 – Nike Mix AAAA – 50 balls

Nike Mix AAAA
Includes only Nike balls of good quality;
Gives you an opportunity to try popular models for a cheap price;
All of the balls I got looked and felt like new;
In a pro shop these balls cost three times more money!

Why did this golf balls take third place?

Because this package contained balls mostly in good shape, but many of them had markings from previous owners. Buy these only if you do not mind that!





Attention! Don’t buy any golf balls until you read the FAQ!



What should I do if my hands are sore after hitting golf balls?

Firstly, you need to get rest. If you had been playing for a whole day – there is nothing unusual in the that you have sore hands. Secondarily – try to change your grips. And, finally, if you are using mat – replace it with a softer one.

What is the difference in golf ball compression?

golf ball inside

Compression rate of a golf ball determines how hard it compresses against the clubface. The golf ball is compressed and flattened by the force of the impact – that means, that the lower it is – the farther the ball will fly. I recommend these balls for beginners, since it require less strength to properly hit it. Professionals use balls with higher compression rate. You have to hit it harder – on the other hand, it provides more control.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive golf balls?

If you are not a professional golfer – you probably will not see the difference. In my opinion, you should not waste your money on expensive balls. I myself choose mid priced options. Buy a couple of different cheap and expensive balls and see the difference for yourself. And, anyway – you can always upgrade to premium balls when you will get better at the game.

What is the difference in golf ball numbers?

Numbers on balls, printed below the brand, are used only for identification purposes. It comes in handy, when you play with your friends – thanks to them you can tell apart your golf balls.
You can also find triple-digit and double-digit numbers on your ball – the former describes amount of dimples it have and the latter represents compression rate.

Do golf balls wear out?

Of course they do. They may get scratched, scuffed or dinged – but you can keep using them as long as you can. I usually use them for practice, because they lose their qualities and will not fit for competitive rounds.

What are exploding golf balls made of?

Exploding golf balls are funny toys that look and feel very real, but explode when you hit them with a clubface. Their shell is made out of brittle plastics and they contain white dust inside. Check it out:

Exploding golf balls
Niche Leader
Great way to trick your friends;
They are pretty cheap;
Almost indistinguishable from real golf balls;
They make great explosions!

Check Price!


Do golf balls go bad in water?

If it does not have gashes or cuts – it should not go bad after a few days in water. However, over months it will decrease in performance and will not fly as far and smooth as it did before.

Do golf balls bounce?

Yes. Golf ball gains gigantic amounts of potential energy when it gets hit by clubface. As a result, when it hits the ground all that potential energy turns into kinetic energy, making the ball rebound backwards.

What is the difference between yellow and white balls?

Actually, the color of the ball makes absolutely no difference in regards to its feel, durability or performance. At first yellow balls might seem more sturdy – but only because yellow ones hide minor scuffs better.

What is the difference between womens and mens golf balls?

First of all – the compression rate of golf balls for men is much higher, since they are designed for harder and faster swings. Manufacturers offer softer balls for women. Dimple pattern matters too, since arrangement and amount of dimples determine the performance of a golf ball. There are balls that can fly far enough even after slow hits – they are very helpful for women golfers.

cheap golf balls

How to look after your golf balls?

There is nothing much to do. Try not to send them into ponds or under golf carts and wash them if they become very dirty.

How to find the longest golf ball?

Choosing the longest golf ball is the cheapest method to increase your performance. The distance depends on a number of parameters.

If you are not planning to play on competitive level and only want to make the longest distance – buy a quality illegal golf ball. You would not be able to play with such a ball on championships, because it does not meet the official rules of golf, but it will help you get longer and straighter off the tee.

What golf ball would be the longest for you depends on your playstyle. For example, the longest golf ball for players with not very fast strokes would most likely be a low compression options like Callaway Golf HEX Diablo or Nike Power Distance. Golfers with moderate to fast club head speed should choose golf balls with low driver and long iron spin. Professionals with very high-speed strokes will show their best results with premium-level products like Titleist Pro V1x.

What is the longest distance golf ball?

In my opinion, this Callaway model is a very good option for beginners, which offers great distance:

Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls
Niche Leader
It has 382 dimples that minimize the drag;
Has core made from a combination of polybutadiene and tungsten;
Great price;
Outstanding durability;
Proprietary Ionomer.

Check Price!


The Callaway HEX Warbird provides the maximum distance for an average price. It is a good two-piece ball with a big and soft core that uses famous Callaway’s HEX dimple design. The HEX dimples cover all outer surface of the ball (leaving zero flat spots), which leads to reduced drag, and more consistent flight paths compared to standard dimpled balls.

What golf balls are made of?

It depends on the type of it. The inner part of a two-piece golf ball is made out of rubber, and its cover is made out of plastic. Three-piece balls also have a liquid center (usually made out of gel), which lets it travel for greater distances if it is used by a golfer with fast swing speed.

How fast do golf balls fly?

Professional gofers’ balls fly at really high speeds! The world’s record is made by Connor Powers. His golf ball reached the speed of 226 miles per hour (about 363 kilometers per hour)!

How to choose balls?

You should choose golf balls according to your level of game. If you are a novice golfer – look for softer balls with lower compression rate, if you are an experienced sportsman – you probably already know, how to choose the right balls.

How long to soak golf balls?

Ten minutes in water will be enough to make dirty balls easy to clean.

What golf balls do pros use?

Most of professional golfers choose golf balls with high compression rate, because they provide more control and distance. Here is one of the most popular model that comes in mind:

golf balls of professional golfers
Niche Leader
Great for avid golfers;
Much cheaper than brand new balls;
Cleaned and placed in a branded box;
Look as good as new.

Check Price!


How long do golf balls last?

It depends on your playstyle. If you make slower swings – it will last longer, and on the contrary – making fast swings shorter the lifespan of your golf ball.

How long do golf balls keep their compression?

Under normal storage conditions (if you keep your golf balls in a dry place with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit) they can literally last forever. Nonetheless, they may lose their performance qualities (including compression rate) when stored in super hot or super cold places.

How to print on golf balls?

If you want to personalize your golf balls with custom logotype or text, you should find a printing company and ask them to do it or buy a special device and do it yourself.

How to clean golf balls?

The easiest way to clean golf balls is to put them in washing machine or dishwasher. They are very light, so they will not damage your appliances. You can also just soak them in a bucket of warm water and easily wipe the dirt with rags afterwards.

Which golf balls are made in the USA?

American company Callaway produces their balls strictly within USA. Here is a good mid-priced model:

golf balls are made in the USA
Niche Leader
It provides increased distance control;
I really like its soft feel;
Excellent durability – one ball lasts for 5 or 6 full rounds;
My accuracy has gone up about 12% after with these!

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What golf balls should a beginner use?

Two-piece golf balls spin less, so their flight is straighter and longer – I recommend it for novice golfers. Try to find an inexpensive ball with low compression rate – it forgives many mistakes and can be used by a player who makes slow swings.

What golf balls go the farthest?

Do not forget, that golf ball itself is not as important, as your swing technique – though some of them indeed are best for distance. The higher the compression rate – the farer it may fly. High-compressed three-piece balls with a liquid center are best in terms of possible distance they can go.

Which golf balls have the most spin?

Expensive three-piece golf balls with high compression rate have the most spin, giving a better golfer more control over the flight.

What is the best golf balls for average golfer?

If you have recently started to play golf, but you already know basics, then golf balls for beginners will not be suitable for you. You need to get golf balls for average golfers that offer more control over the ball.

I recommend two-piece golf balls with low compression rates for beginners, because it is easier to make them fly for a long distance. For better players, three-piece balls is a great choice. They have either a solid rubber or liquid core, a layer of good rubber or a liquid-produced layer and a cover of durable materials, such as surlyn, urethane, or balata.

Three-piece balls are softer and provide significant increase in spin, giving an average golfer more control over their ball flight. The more layers a manufacturer adds to a ball, the more spin-separation they can create, so they offer more customized performance for a driver compared to an iron or wedge. A three-piece ball is the first level of ball that will feature a noticeable spin-separation advantage. After some time you may want to change to four or five piece balls, but a three-piece model is a good option for users of the average level.

Which golf balls are low spin?

Two-piece golf balls with low compression have the least spin.

What type of golf ball is durable and less expensive?

Most durable golf balls are hard ones, since softer models are more likely to be damaged when the impact is very high. If you are looking for the ball with good durability and least price – one or two-piece models with high compression rating is your best choice. Here is a super durable model:

durable golf balls
Niche Leader
This model uses titanium core – you should not be afraid to hit it as hard as you can, since it is really hard to break it;
Great price when compared with popular professional models;
Has long lasting cover, which is made out of surlyn;
Great for beginners and average golfers.

Check Price!


What golf balls are used on the PGA tour?

Most popular model of the recent PGA tour was the Titleist Pro V1x. Some golfers have sponsored contracts with different brands, so they are obliged to use their products. Other frequently used golf balls are:

Which golf balls are best for cold weather?

Cold air is denser than warm air – because of it the golf ball is experiencing additional drag. The thicker air requires a higher velocity to produce a shot of the same length in warmer conditions. Basically, it means that higher compression balls (like the Titleist Pro V1x) are a little bit harder to hit during the cold weather – so I would recommend you to choose a softer ball than what you usually play.

Which golf balls are best for high handicappers?

nice tryNovice golfers with high handicap are experiencing difficulties in making a good distance, so they need to choose two-piece ball with lower compression rate. The harder ball will travel a bit farther to make up for a slower swing speed, but it will not spin as much as a soft ball. Less spin is bad for pro players, but it will help a beginner (or high handicapper) hit the ball straighter.

In order to maximize the distance required, high handicappers should choose a golf ball that can be compresses with any swing speed. Ladies and seniors should definitely choose a ball with a lower compression, such as a Callaway Supersoft or Bridgestone Laddie X.

People with higher swing speed that want to hit it farther might try to use a golf ball with a slightly higher compression such as the Callaway HX Hot ball.

If you are a high handicappers and you are constantly having a problem keeping the ball in play, I recommend you to use a less softer golf ball. This will significantly reduce the sidespin imparted on the ball.

Sturdy golf balls are better not only because they last for a long time. There are other reasons that make this factor so important for high handicap golfers.

Most high handicap golfers go through one or two balls per round. Most 4 piece and even some 3 piece balls have very soft covers. Most distance balls are a 2 piece design and have harder covers. Players with higher swing speed will deform a softer ball quicker than people with slower swing speed. Make sure and choose a ball that best matches your swing speed if you want to improve your golfing experience.

Which golf balls are the softest?

The softest balls on the market have compression rating of 29. The model is called “WILSON STAFF DUO”.

Which golf balls contain honey?

About 80 years ago, before the introduction of solid core balls in 1960s, manufacturers used liquid cores – otherwise these balls would have too much spin. Many companies filled their products with natural honey, because it does not spoil and has perfect physical properties. Nowadays balls with liquid cores use gel as a filler.

What are the best golf balls to use in cold weather?

Though softer balls are more convenient in cold weather, this model made by Chromax is a good option for those who does like low-compression products:

golf balls for cold weather
Niche Leader
Thanks to its poly-resin cover, it perfectly resists cuts (that are the main problem of golfing during the cold weather);
Reflective outer cover makes it easier to see;
I never had problem finding these balls thanks to their color;
Provide a pretty good distance even for slower swings.

Check Price!


Can golf balls be recycled?

Sure, why not? Many non-professional golfers use recycled and used golf balls in order to save some money. Some of them can actually be almost as good as brand new!

Are recycled golf balls good?

Of course they are. There is nothing wrong in buying recycled golf balls – sometimes they can be as good as new. Such golf balls are usually harvested from ponds and lakes.

You might think that golf balls that have been in water are bad, but it is not always true. Despite golf balls manufacturers saying that balls recovered from water lose their performance, nowadays they are made from advanced cover materials. They can easily spend weeks in the water and nothing wrong will happen to them.

However, that does not mean that all recycled balls are good. You need to beware of companies that might simply repaint inferior balls, often distinguished by a fake logo. Obviously, you should not buy anything that has been underwater for more than a month.

Keep in mind that golf balls are sold according to grade, so you always get what you paid for. There are five possible grades (check the next answer to find out more).

How to grade golf balls?

There is a grading system, that will help you find the right golf balls for your budget and needs. Recycled balls are graded by their brands, models and conditions. There are five possible grades:

  • AAAAA (mint). They look and feel indistinguishable, showing little or no wear at all and;
  • AAAA (near mint). These balls are almost as good, as in the previous grade, though they may have cosmetic flaws that does not affect the performance qualities;
  • AAA (standard grade). Good condition balls – you may notice scuffs and blemishes on them, buy there is nothing that affects the play (they never have cuts);
  • AA (fourth grade). Though they look bad, they are still good for novice golfers.
  • Practice grade.

Can golf balls go in hand luggage?

Some air companies may confiscate it as dangerous items, so I would recommend you to keep your golf balls in your hold luggage.

Are golf balls safe for dogs?

No, golf balls are dangerous for animals. They are hard and may stick in your dog’s throat, blocking its windpipe and interfere with breathing. Never ley your animals chew gold balls, if you do not want them to die!

Are golf balls magnetic?

Well, golf balls that are used in official tournaments cannot have any magnetic cores, but you can buy a trick ball with magnet in it.

What is the difference between golf balls cover material: urethane vs surlyn

Urethane balls are designed to provide more spin, than surlyn ones. Golfers with low swing speed will not notice the difference between them. Since golf balls with urethane covers are generally cheaper, I would recommend them for non-professional players.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the balls by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



How to choose best golf balls for beginners?

You need to consider a several important specifications to choose the best golf ball for you:

  • Construction. There are at least five types of golf balls, and one-piece golf balls are the cheapest and simplest. Two-piece, three-piece and other types just have more and more layers – for instance, a four-piece golf ball consists from the inner core (usually made from rubber), inner layer, middle layer and outer cover. The more layers ball have – the more higher performance it will offer. However, one-piece or two-piece golf balls are best for beginners, because they do not spin too much, so it is easier to control the flight.
  • Spin. Low spin golf balls is good for starters, because their flight is straight and long. Switch to middle spin or high spin options only when you feel that you are able to make fast and accurate strokes.
  • Compression. Just as with the spin – choose a low compression golf ball, since they are usually softer and create longer distance. High-compression balls are made for professional golfers to provide more control over the flight.



Final Word

Golf is a pretty expensive sport, but you can save a lot of money by buying used and recycled golf balls. This guide is made specially for novice players, who have just started to play and are trying to find affordable, but good balls for practice and learning the basics. During your first months you will lose dozens of it – so there is no point in spending hundreds of dollard on professional balls. After some time you will become good enough – then simply get brand-new versions of models that you have already tried and enjoyed the most. Good luck golfing!

So, TOP3 of used AAAA golf balls:

Exploding golf balls to trick your friends:

Made in the USA golf balls:

Best golf balls to use in cold weather:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about golf balls is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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