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Looking for the great idea for this weekend? Try wind kites!

Family fly awesome kite

It’s healthy. Very cheap. For one person or company!


Hi! My name is Carl Holland and I have been working as a seller in a kite shop for 5 years. I enjoy kitesurfing myself and I know everything about it! I decided to share my knowledge and give you some advice about choosing kites.

On this page you will find the TOP-3 list of the best kites of 2018. I’ve tried to explain their differences and advantages.




№1 – Giant Delta Ring iKite

Giant Delta Ring iKite
Light, but strong construction;
The package includes a very useful carrying bag;
Easy to assemble;
Has a detachable decorative tail, which looks awesome!

Why did this kite win the first place?

Because this kite is made of strong materials, includes a carrying bag and yet has a reasonable price. Great choice for beginners because you can build and fly it very easy.


№2 – Delta Kite

Delta Kite
Sail and keel of this kite are made from parachute-grade polyester;
Strong, light and bendable Side-Spar and Cross-Strut rods;
Flying line is very long and durable;
Fits both children and adults.

Why did this kite come in second place?

Because this kite is very durable and great for beginners. It doesn’t have a carrying back, thought – that’s a bummer.


№3 – Prism Stowaway Delta Kite

Prism Stowaway Delta Kite
It flies really well and holds up even in strongest winds;
It is small enough to fit in any travel bag, yet it is large once assembled;
The package includes high-quality polyester line on a hoop winder;
Can be used by beginners.

Why did this kite take third place?

Because this kite is as good as previous ones, yet you may need to change the string on it to a stronger one if you’re going to use it in very windy places.





Attention! Don’t buy any kites until you read the FAQ!



How long should a kite’s tail be?

kite's tailUsually it depends on the size of a kite. There is no any standards and you should try tails of different length yourself. Some tube tails reach the length of 2 meters and more – experienced kiters use them to create mesmerizing shows in the sky.

Can kites fly in the rain?

Of course! You kite will get damp and gain weight, so it will fly worse, but it will not do any damage to it. Simply let it dry afterwards.

Why kite flying is dangerous?

Though it seems at first sight, that piloting a kite is harmless, this is not completely true. There were some horrible accidents, that caused death of many people, such as throat slitting by strings coated with glass or electrocution because of falling of metal-coated strings on electricity lines. I recommend you buying simple strings (without any coating) and use kites in open area only.

How long can a kite stay in the air?

Theoretically, it can stay in the air forever – as long as there is strong enough wind. Officially registered flight duration record is 180 hours and 17 minutes.

How big a kite do I need?

The answer will be based on two things: your physique and the average wind speed. The bigger is kite – the tougher it is to control. Big kites can be used in high winds, what can not be said about the small ones. If you are not sure, what size would suit better for you – choose an average kite.

What kinds of flying strings for kite are there?

Today’s kites use many different types strings. Most common material for them are cotton and nylon. Here is a good kite string set that I recommend for you:

flying string for kite
Niche Leader
Convenient spool;
The string is made of high quality polyester;
Can be easily used right out of the box;
Reasonable price.

Check Price!


How do kites fly? Explanation.

The lifting force of a kite is produced by deflecting the air downward, the resulting change in momentum producing an upward force. This is explained by the fact that the air traveling over the top of the curved surface of the kite moves faster than the air passing underneath. Fast-moving air creates less pressure; therefore, there is more pressure underneath the kite, which helps to force it upwards.

What do I need to fly a kite?

You only need a kite and suitable weather! The larger the kite, the less wind you are going to need. This is explained by a larger surface area of big kites, which helps it to catch and deflect the moving air.

What different types of kites are there?

dragon kiteThere are lots of various types of kites. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Sled kites;
  • Diamond kites;
  • Barn door kites;
  • Rokkaku (Japanese) kites;
  • Sode kites;
  • Delta kites;
  • Roller kites;
  • Dopero kites;
  • Stunt kites;
  • Power kites.

They not only differ by their appearance, but also provide various fly experience: for example, delta and diamond kites can fly higher, when compared to parafoil ones (that have no spars).

Who invented the kite first?

Most historians think, that the first kite ever was created by a Chinese philosopher Mo-tse. He made a kite that looked like a bird around 2300 years ago. Some scientists think that kites were also independently invented in Indonesia, Hawaii and Polynesia at the same time.

Do kites fly against the wind?

Yes, they do. The way kites fly against the wind is fascinating. They don’t fly with the wind. Though the turbulence in the air makes the kite to lose track, the kite still manages to maneuver itself thanks to aerodynamics laws.

Are there special types of kites in different countries?

Kites are made and flown almost everywhere on Earth. In some countries you may find kite types, that are very uncommon for other world. For example, each of a hand-made Japanese Rokkaku kite has a unique drawing on it, which is unique and looks amazing!

Join to Adelaide International Kite Festival! Here you can explore kite culture of other countries.

What kites fly better than others?

In terms of piloting, delta kites are the best. They are easy to launch and control. If you are looking for the kite, which can reach the maximum height possible – you should choose a foil one (though it is pretty hard to manage for a beginner).

Are kites used for aerial photography?

Yes, there is even a special term for it called “KAP” (kite aerial photography). You will only need to attach a camera to your kite and find a way to activate it remotely. This is a good and cheap alternative for bird’s-eye photography.

What materials are used for making kites?

Kites are usually made of strong and light plastic – nylon. The lines attached to the body of the kite are generally made of cotton or nylon. The biggest kites use a steel fishing reel to hold it.

How do kites stay up in the air?

Kites are able to stay in the air because of the force exerted on them by wind.

What type of kite should I buy?

If you have never ride a kite before, I would recommend you buying a light delta-type or a hybrid kite. Delta and hybrid kites can be easily launched and they are simple to pilot overall.

What is the best kite for beginners?

This hybrid Ocean Rodeo kite is perfect for beginners!

kite for beginners
Niche Leader
It is very light;
Includes everything you need to use it;
Fiberglass rods make the whole construction really sturdy;
Good both for beginners and experienced flyers;

Check Price!


What can kites be used for?

There are lots of things that can be done by kites. They are used for aerial photography, in teaching, as a transport, for fishing and science, and, of course, in sports.

What is the best kite for light wind?

kite for high windsIn my opinion, the best kites for light wind are parafoil ones. It is very cheap and light. But do not expect to use it in high winds – it will simply fall apart! If you are looking for a more versatile kite, that will do well in light wind – you should choose a large delta kite.

What is the best kite for high winds?

In high winds I mostly use standard diamond kites. They are very easy to control and quick to set up – which is why I like them. There are also specially designed stunt kites that do really well during strong winds, but most of them require practice and will not be good for an unexperienced user.

Are there professional sports kites?

Yes. They called “stunt kites” (also known as “sport kites”). They have a special construction, that lets making various tricks with it easier. Most of these “tricks” can be done with any good delta-type kite, but of course a special trickable kite is better.

Visit this сommunity. There you will find many information about professional kites.

What kite should I buy for my child?

If you are looking for the best kite for your child, try this one:

childrens kite
Niche Leader
Comes with a string and a spool – it is ready to use;
Very simple to fly;
Sturdy and stable rods;
Colorful design – kids love it!

Check Price!


How do kites gain lift?

The physics of how a kite gains lift is almost the same to how an airplane gains lift. The wings generate lift force by the action of the moving air over the wing surface. A kite works in the same way. The airflow moves in the direction of the kite and underneath it, creating lift.

How do kite tails work?

Most kites need a tail for stability and proper flight. Some types of kites will not be able to fly properly without it! Kites rely on their tails to create drag, so the air is forced to move around the tail. This interaction keeps the wind in check, thus reducing its effect on the kite. Kites for kitesurfing and kiteboarding, however, often do not need a tail and use it for decorative purposes only.



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Final Word

Kite – is a fun and relatively cheap type of leisure activity for everyone. It doesn’t matter, how old or how strong are you – you will definitely like riding a kite! Kitesurfing is one of the most fastest growing hobbies in the world, and there is nothing surprising in it. It makes you healthy, happy and active. Just give it a try – and I swear, you won’t regret it! You can use my recommendations above to buy your first kite. I tried to choose the very best of them, that will meet all your needs.

So, TOP3 of kites:

Long and strong string for kite:

Best kite for beginners:

Kites sale with discounts:

Click on the links to go to the store and read more there.



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about kites is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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My name is Billy Fletcher and I am a Reviewer. I graduated from Brandeis University.

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