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Virgil HunterMy name is Virgil Hunter and treasure hunting is my favorite hobby. I do it regularly for 10 years. So, I can share a plenty of interesting details about it.

I made a rating of TOP-3 best metal detectors of 2018 to help beginners find the best metal finder that will suit all their needs.

You can also check my Q&A list, where I tried to cover the most important things you need to know about metal detectors.



Top 7 best metal detectors reviews:




№1 – Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV
Very powerful unit – I found over 50 coins with it during the first three days of use;
The cost is perfect for a decent beginner’s device;
It is able to trace all kinds of metals with it – I had found lots of aluminum, nickel and even silver stuff;
After a little bit of practice you will learn to distinguish various types of items, so you would not have to lose your time on digging up trash.

Why did this metal detector win the first place?

Because this is a great low-priced metal detector for beginners, that actually works (and works pretty well!).


№2 – Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger
Includes a nice pair of headphones;
You can control the signal to ignore undesired items (I checked it up on an iron bucket and it worked);
It helped me to find my wife’s golden earring, which was lost on our backyard;
It is very light.

Why did this metal detector come in second place?

Because this is a nice lightweight device, which would be a great gift for kids and beginners.


№3 – Winbest Pro Edition

Winbest Pro Edition
It is waterproofed, so you can use it in shallow waters;
Detects all types of metal;
It is easy to assemble and disassemble;
Has battery indicator.

Why did this metal detector take third place?

Because this is a good unit for the price, though it does not detect stuff at a depth of more than 15 cm (I tested it on gold).





Attention! Don’t buy any metal detectors until you read the FAQ!



What are the advantages & disadvantages of metal detectors?

Metal detecting and treasure hunting is a great outdoor hobby! It is a fun and excitement way to learn history through your findings, a good reason to travel around your country (or even around world), find new friends and develop your discipline. On the other side, sometimes you can experience a very bad luck and spend whole days or weeks finding nothing but trash and wasting your time.

Are metal detector coils interchangeable?

Not always. There are tons of different brands of metal detectors on the market, and most of manufacturers use coils of different physical size, shape and frequency. Professional models include different coils for different hunting styles – but I doubt that you would be able to casually take a coil from one detector and use it with another, unless they are made by the same brand (though it does not applies to all manufacturers).

What is the best metal detector for coins?

Sometimes the name speaks for itself. This is very true in this case:

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector
Niche Leader
Waterproof searching coil;
Easy-to-read display;
Good level of sensitivity adjustment;

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Coinmaster Metal Detector is one of the best models for coin search. It is relatively expensive, but still affordable. Sometimes it struggles with figuring out the depth of the coins, but for the sensitive finding ability of this model, it is a great option for beginners. You can successfully use it to search for the items in any type of ground. It has a convenient display screen with basic coin finding settings, which offers pinpoint direction and has an adjustable sensitivity for finding all kinds of metal objects. It is very light, so you can give it to your child as well.

What are the best metal detector for coins and jewelry?

coins and jewelryObviously, the more powerful the detector is – the better results it will demonstrate. However, if you are aiming to find coins and jewelry at the depth up to 25 cm, an entry-level metal detector would be good enough for you.

What are the best metal detector for deep coins?

It is very hard to find coins deeper than 25 cm even with expensive detectors. You would have to deal with lots of trash and false signals and waste time on digging up a hole. If you really want the most powerful unit – look for professional devices like Garrett ATX or Minelab GPX 5000.

What are the best metal detector for salt water beach?

According to my experience, a salt water beach is the most rewarding place to use metal detector. You would have to deal with various minerals, If you want to hunt for valuable items. Many normal ground detectors will provide you with false signals – to combat this problem you need a Very Low Frequency (VLF) device with ground adjust control. If there is no preset adjust, you would need to tune it according to the level of mineralization of the chosen beach. You can also buy a detector, which uses Pulse Induction technology – units of this type ignore minerals.

Do I need headphones for metal detector?

They are not required, but in crowded areas it may come very handy. Keep in mind, that your metal detector has to have a special jack for earphones. I use this pair of headphones:

headphones for metal detector
Niche Leader
They are cheap;
I like their coiled cord – it is very convenient and never gets tangled;
Provide good audio quality;
They use 1/3” mini plug and have 1/4″ adapter, so you are able to use them with most models of detectors.

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What are the best metal detector to find meteorites?

Meteorites are divided into three category: stony meteorites, iron & nickel meteorites and hybrid meteorites, consisting of combination of stone and metal. You will be able to locate only the last two types. Metal detectors, made for prospecting gold nuggets, are excellent for meteorites as well – they are very powerful and sensitive to smallest items. Cheap coin detectors are useless for this goal – they often consider meteorites as trash.

What are the best metal detector to start out with?

metal detector to start outI recommend you to start from a simple entry-level device and try to find some coins with it. Buy one of the detectors I mentioned in my TOP-3 – all of them are pretty good!

Can metal detector detect copper/stainless steel/titanium/tungsten/brass/platinum?

Yes. Most of the modern metal detectors can trace all types of metals: ferrous (magnetic), non-ferrous (non-magnetic) – copper, titanium, tungsten, platinum and brass belong to this category, and stainless steel.

Can metal detector find a gold ring?

Yes! I test most of my new metal detectors with my wedding ring. Do not tell my wife about this!

Can metal detector find keys in snow?

Sure. For deep snow, you will need a device with waterproofed coil, which will let you check big snowdrifts.

Cheap metal detector vs expensive: what is the difference?

The main difference between inexpensive and professional models is their working frequencies and additional coils for searching various items. Expensive metal detectors are more flexible and powerful – you will be able to find more stuff with them. They are also harder to use for beginners, since they need to be tuned according to the type of ground they are used on.

What is the best cheap metal detector?

If you are looking for the least expensive metal detector that would offer a decent set of features – this model is your best choice:

High Sensitive Treasure Hunter
Niche Leader
This detector looks amazing for its money;
It has automatic tuning and ground balance;
Adjustable sensitivity;
Easy to setup and use;
Trash eliminator that allows to ignore garbage like cans and nails;

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This model finds coins made of silver and gold as deep as 5 inches. Bigger things can be searched to a depth of 2 feet (61 cm.). It is suitable for sweeps in the salt water beach, at the park or in your own backyard.

The model uses 9V alkaline batteries that have to be bought separately. It is a Treasure Hunter product implying reliability and guarantees good packaging, so you will get a working model without any problems.

Do I need a coil cover for my metal detector?

Coil covers almost do not affect signal – they are made only to protect coil itself, when it is used on some types of hunting (for deep snow, dirt, etc.). You do not have to use it, but doing this will prolong the life of the coil.

Do metal detectors work underwater?

Yes. There are lost of waterproofed metal detectors, that can be used in shallow waters. Here is a good model that I have tried:

underwater metal detector
Niche Leader
It has a durable housing colored in bright orange – so it is hard to break and easy to find;
It is super portable – you are getting a decent metal detector with a size of a flashlight!
Can be used at the depth up to 25 cm;
Great for accurate detection in the ground at small depths.

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Do I need a license for metal detecting?

No. There is no license needed neither for having metal detector nor treasure hunting with it.

Do I need a permit for metal detecting?

No, as long as you are not hunting in prohibited areas where digging is not allowed.

Do I need an expensive metal detector?

You will need an expensive model only if you are seriously interested in this hobby and planning to use it on various types of ground or for searching deep items.

Do metal detectors emit radiation?

work with metal detectorYes. During the work, metal detectors emit very small amounts of non-ionizing radiation, but it is way less than what most of the people experience on a daily basis. It is absolutely harmless, so you should not be afraid of it.

Do metal detectors work in snow?

Of course! Snow has almost no effect on detection – but you need a metal detector with waterproofed coil or a special cover for it to protect it from corrosion.

How deep do metal detectors detect?

The most powerful and expensive detectors of professional level can provide depth up to 150 cm. This is the absolute maximum – by now, there are no devices that can get any deeper.

How do metal detector apps work?

Metal detector apps use magnets inside the smartphone. But do not expect them to actually work – they are too weak to actually find something in the ground.

How to choose the best metal detector for beginners?

Nowadays the metal detectors for beginners can locate nearly all metallic objects, including gold, silver, iron, tin, lead, nickel, copper, brass, aluminum and bronze.

Not all entry-level metal detectors are equally good. The least expensive products that can be bought at toy stores are just toys and they should not be taken serious. However, it is possible to get a professional-grade metal detector for beginners – all models from my rating list are pretty good, so you can safely choose one of them.

If you want to search for iron, brass and steel relics, then buy a model with a lower frequency. It will better target relics than a detector with a higher frequency. If you are going to search in places with high mineral concentration, then get a very low frequency (VLF) adjustable device.

Which is best metal detector for beginners?

If you plan to get into treasure hunting as a hobby, you should start from buying an inexpensive model for coin and jewelry hunting. This one is good:

metal detector for beginners
Niche Leader
Has everything that a novice treasure hunter would need;
I bought it for my son as a gift and he found a coin during the first 15 minutes of use;
The big control interface is easy to use even for unexperienced people;
The lever can be adjusted according to the height of a user;
Comes for affordable price.

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This is a light and compact detector, suitable for kids. My son really liked it!

How do metal detector coils work?

Most of the metal detector’s coils has two internal sets of coiled wires: a Transmit Coil (TX) and a Receive Coil (RX). Some models use mono coil, that act as both the TX and the RX. As soon as you turn the metal detector on, the TX coil generates a magnetic field in the surrounding space. When a metallic object is within its range, it will create a distortion in the magnetic field. The RX coil will sense this distortion and send a signal to the control element, which will cause the metal detector to make a sound signal.

How do metal detectors use magnets?

Metal detectors create magnetic field, which is used to search items underground.

How metal detector would behave under power lines?

I tried using different metal detectors under power lines and never had much interference. Sometimes I needed to back off the sensitivity a little bit – but otherwise power lines did not cause any troubles for me.

When should I change the sensitivity of metal detector?

The sensitivity control on metal detectors should be adjusted for different conditions. For example, you may need to lower it nearby power transformers and radio stations in order to prevent false signals. Your maximum depth will get lower too, but you will stop getting false signals and chatter.

What types of metal detector coils are there?

There are four main types of search coils for metal detectors:

  • Concentric/Coplanar (used on most detectors designed for coin, jewelry, and relic hunting);
  • Double D (DD) (good for hunting in heavily mineralized and saltwater areas):
  • Monoloop (provides greater depth in areas with low-medium mineralization);
  • Coaxial (it better separates trash and desirable targets in close proximity).

Why is my metal detector acting crazy?

Try to change its sensitivity. If you are searching in heavily mineralized or saltwater area – decrease it to stop false signals. Interference from power transformers or radio signals can also be fought by lowering the sensitivity of your device.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the metal detectors by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Treasure hunting with metal detector is a surprisingly addictive hobby, loved by thousands of people across the world. You have a chance to hold in your hands something that has not seen the light of day for many years! It is always thrilling and fun to find coins, jewelry, bullets, meteorites, relics and other treasures. If you enjoy tales about treasures and have enough free time – buy one of the inexpensive metal detectors that I suggested on this page and try it yourself! Go out in search for treasures with your friends and family (especially children) and have fun together. Good luck!

So, TOP3 of metal detectors:

Headphones for metal detector:

Waterproofed metal detector:

Best metal detector for children:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about metal detectors is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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