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Best Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

A tumbling mat is an incredibly versatile accessory. It’s great for novices and professional athletes alike. However, not every mat is suitable for every type of exercise. There are hundreds of different options to fit any taste! Therefore, choosing a decent tumbling mat is rather hard, especially for those who have not done it before. Fortunately, I can make your life easier.

In this purchasing guide, I’m going to give you an overview of the different types of mats available on the market. Additionally, I thoroughly tested and reviewed some of the most popular tumbling mats found on the market. By using the provided list on this page, you will be able to pick a suitable option and order it from Amazon right now.

Top 7 Best Gymnastics Tumbling Mats

  1. Matladin Exercise Aerobics Mat
  2. Inflatable Tumbling Gymnastic Air floor Mat
  3. Darget Gymnastic Air Track Tumbling Mat
  4. Gymtastic Professional Air Track Mat
  5. FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics AirTrack Mat
  6. FBSPORT Gymnastic Air floor Mat
  7. Z-bond Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mat

List of 7 Best Gymnastics Tumbling Mats, Air Tracks of 2019

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Matladin Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat
Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 2 inches
Matladin Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat
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2. Inflatable Tumbling Gymnastic Air floor Mat Track Cheerleading
Dimensions: 3ft wide x 10ft long x4 in thick
Inflatable Tumbling Gymnastic Air floor Mat Track Cheerleading
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3. Darget Gymnastic Air Track Tumbling Mat (Best Classic Design)
Dimensions: 3m /9.8’x 1m /39″x10cm /4″
Darget Gymnastic Air Track Tumbling Mat
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4. Gymtastic Professional Air Track
Dimensions: 118.1 x 39.4 x 3.9 inches
Gymtastic Professional Air Track
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5. FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics AirTrack Tumbling Mat Air Track Floor Mats (Budget Pick)
Size -9.8foot, 3.2foot, 0.32foot.
FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics AirTrack Tumbling Mat Air Track Floor Mats
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6. FBSPORT Inflatable Tumbling Airtrack Mat Gymnastic Air floor Mat
Dimensions: approx. 3000*1000*100mm
FBSPORT Inflatable Tumbling Airtrack Mat Gymnastic Air floor Mat
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7. Z-bond 10×3 Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mats Tumbling Floor Mat Gymnastic Air floor Mat Air Box Home Edition (Best Lightweight)
Dimensions: 3′ x 10′(35″x118″)
Z-bond 10x3 Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mats Tumbling Floor Mat Gymnastic Air floor Mat Air Box Home Edition
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№ 1. Matladin Folding Tri-fold Gymnastics Gym Mat

The best foam tumbling mat

Even though foam tumbling mats are usually worse than inflatable ones, I decided to put this one in the first place on my rating list. This tri-fold mat from Matladin combines compactness, durability, and functionality all in one lightweight and portable body.

First, let’s talk about the design of this mat. It has a well-thought-out design with a zipper and carrying handles. When folded, it takes up almost no space and looks like a small suitcase. You can bring it anywhere you want and enjoy exercises outdoors, which is very convenient. This tumbling mat is covered with high-quality PU leather material and it is waterproofed, so you can easily clean it after each use.

High-density EPE foam

As for the foam, it is absolutely amazing. Matladin uses high-density EPE foam, which is a sturdy and soft material. The mat is thick and safe, which makes it suitable for small children. It is also great for yoga learners, dancers, and even professional gymnasts.

I bought two of these mats and combined them using the Velcro. My wife has been using them for the past couple of years and they still look as good as new! If you don’t like inflatable mats, consider this foam model from Matladin — it’s definitely one of the best options out there.


Provides an amazing grip even on smooth surfaces;
You can combine these mats together thanks to Velcro tapes on the bottom;
The material looks nice and is easy to clean;
It is lightweight and portable;
The mat is very thick and safe;
Suitable for professional exercise.
Some buyers find it too small.



№ 2. EZ GLAM Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat with Electric Air Pump

The cheapest tumbling mat

Nobody likes overpaying. That is why I picked this product: it offers outstanding quality for a small price. This inflatable tumbling mat from EZ GLAM is a very big yet cheap option for everyday use. There is a number of variations of this tumbling mat for any taste. I am reviewing the smallest one (10 ft.). Do note that the bigger models are significantly pricier!

The mat can be inflated with an electric or a foot pump. It takes me about five minutes to set it up, which is fast. The material remains nice and soft after a year of use, so I have no complaints about its sturdiness. It is waterproof, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Electric air pump in set

Despite the low price, this mat comes with an electric air pump, carrying bag, and a repair kit. The package is great! If you are buying your first mat ever, consider EZ GLAM model since it includes everything you might ever need for a great price.


Comes in various sizes;
Made from commercial grade PVC tarpaulin;
You can combine two or more of these mats together thanks to the built-in Velcro straps;
Comes with an effective electric air pump and a carrying bag;
It is inexpensive.
Some buyers claim that it does not hold up and deflates in mere hours.
This tumbling mat is too narrow, which makes it dangerous for small children.



№ 3. Darget Air Track Tumbling Mat with a Free Pump

The most durable tumbling mat

You will like this model from Darget if you plan to use a tumble mat outdoors. The product is made from highly durable 1000-Denier Double-Wall Fabric and 3-Ply PVC, so it is very hard to damage. You can safely use it in parks, on beach, and even on water.

The mat is easy to use. Even an unexperienced person can set it up. All you need to do is to unfold it, attach the pump, and turn it on. This mat comes with a hand air pump, but I highly recommend you to buy an electric pump. Inflating this with a hand pump is too long!

Three cold-stick technology

According to the manufacturer, this tumbling mat was made with the use of three cold-stick technology, which improves the firmness. The company claims that the mat stays inflated for up to 8 months. I have never tested this fact because I fold the mat after each use, but it seems to be true because it stays perfectly air-tightened throughout the work out session.

I use this mat outdoors because it is very durable. Moreover, it is suitable for any type of sports, which makes it very useful. If you want to buy a beautiful versatile mat that is built to last, Darget tumbling mat would be a great choice.


Wide application;
Made from highly durable 1000-Denier Double-Wall Fabric and 3-Ply PVC;
Comes with a 2-year warranty;
The package includes an air pump and a repair kit;
Easy to use thanks to a durable handle.
It is too expensive.



№ 4. Gymtastic Professional Air Track – Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

The best tumbling mat for professional use

I purchased this tumbling mat about three months ago and was pleasantly surprised with it. The product is very similar to Darget Air Track, but it is more firm and stiff.

The materials used in this mat are great. The super reinforced foam and high pressure make this product suitable for professional use. The manufacturer claims that many professional gymnasts and yoga instructors use this model. It is built solidly and the workmanship is above all expectations. All the stitches are extremely accurate and the material is very hard to damage. Additionally, this mat is quickly to inflate and unfold, which is highly important for those who are going to use it outdoors.

Very expensive

Unfortunately, this tumbling mat is not perfect. The worst part about it is the price. It is overly high! Buy it only if you do not mind to overpay for quality. Another problem is the air pump included to the package. It is too ineffective and inconvenient. Other than that, this Gymtastic tumbling mat is pretty good. It is a decent product for professional athletes, but regular users should choose a cheaper alternative.


The package includes a carrying bad and an electric air pump;
Can be attached to other mats thanks to Velcro straps;
The mat has convenient handles;
Made from high-durable materials;
It is easy to clean.
Some buyers complain about the low quality of the air pump;
The price tag is overly high.



№ 5. FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat with Electric Air Pump

The biggest tumbling mat

This FBSPORT tumbling mat is truly giant! I have never used such a big mat before. I bought it as soon as I saw it. In the result, I was not disappointed.

When folded, this tumbling mat looks exactly like its smaller counterparts. You will realize how huge it is only after you unfold it. It is nearly three meters (118 inches) long, so the product cannot be used in tiny rooms. The process of inflation itself takes about 10 minutes, which is very long and annoying.

Easy to damage

As for the sturdiness of this mat, it is average. I would not recommend using it outdoors because such a big mat is easy to damage. To avoid scratches and holes, make sure to place the mat on an even surface. The firmness is good enough for any type of sport. It is also great for children since the mat is so big.

In conclusion, the FBSPORT tumbling mat is an amazing option for those who are looking for a large project. Nevertheless, do note that it is rather pricey and make sure you have enough space at home before buying it.


Comes with a good air pump;
The mat is big and soft;
It is lightweight despite the size;
The package includes a convenient handle bag;
It is easy to wash.
It is easy to damage because of the size;
It is very expensive;
Takes forever to inflate.



№ 6. IOOkME-H 9.8ft Air Track Tumbling Mat Inflatable Mat Air with Electric Air Pump

The best tumbling mat for kids

Kids enjoy playing on large tumbling mats. That is why the IOOkME-H mat is a great choice for children. Your kids will definitely like this safe and beautiful mat. It comes in three different colors: pink, orange, and blue. Choose any option you like!

Soft and sturdy

Despite the size, this mat is easy to inflate. It takes only about five minutes. The material is soft and sturdy. My wife and I have been using it for yoga sessions and never seen any problems. Usually, this tumbling mat keeps the air pressure up to the very end of the training session. Our kids also enjoy it since the material is very nice to the touch.

Unfortunately, the IOOkME-H mat is very expensive. Many similar models offer a better price/quality ratio. Nevertheless, this model looks beautiful and has a good durability. If you want to make a present for your children, consider buying this product.


Used in numerous fitness schools;
Made from highly commercial grade materials;
It is huge, which makes it safe for kids;
Suitable for any types of sport.
It is very expensive;
It takes up a lot of space when unfolded.



№ 7. Z-bond Inflatable Tumbling Mat with a Pump

The lightest tumbling mat

Finally, the last tumbling mat in my list is presented by Z-bond. This 10×3 product is good enough for most types of sport. It is pretty durable and waterproof, so you can use it as an outdoor mat.

The one and only significant advantage of the Z-bond mat is its lightweight. It is very light and small when unfolded, which makes it a perfect option for outdoor activities. Take it with you to dance clubs, gymnasiums, parks, leisure centers, or even beaches. Since the material is 0.9 mm thick, you should not worry about scratches and holes.

Material is a bit smelly

This mat is very light, so you can fold and unfold it in mere seconds. It is especially great for those who do not have enough space at home. Thanks to the electric air pump, which is included in the package, you can inflate this tumbling mat and start using it in only a couple of minutes.

I like that this mat from Z-bond is rather cheap, but the fact that the material is a bit smelly might turn some buyers off. You will not be disappointed with this product if you do not mind the smell.


This tumbling mat is rather cheap;
Comes with a convenient carrying bag;
It is made from durable 1000-Denier double-wall fabric (also known as Drop Stitch Fabric);
The package includes a nice electric air pump;
Easy to use thanks to a durable handle.
The mat looks cheap and used;
The material smells bad.

Tumbling Mats Buying Guide

Looking for a decent tumbling mat for home use? You will need to consider numerous features if you want to make a good purchase. I have listed the most important characteristics below:

Inflatable tumbling mats are better

There are two types of tumbling mats: inflatable and foam. Inflatable mats are usually better, and here is why:

  • They are much softer than foam mats since they provide a more supportive landing surface. It allows minimizing impacts on such areas as ankle, wrists, and knee joints.
  • Another advantage of inflatable tumbling mats is their compactness. They are very easy to store and transport. When deflated, they are small enough to fit in a bag. Do note that most of inflatable mats come with electric pumps, so you will not have any problems getting them ready.
  • Finally, inflatable tumbling bats are easy to customize. You can pick the firmness of your mat yourself depending on your needs.

The only negative thing about inflatable mats is that they start losing the air pressure if you damage them. However, high-quality products from trustworthy manufacturers are pretty sturdy so this is not a serious problem.

Thickness and safety

A thin mat will not provide the protection and cushioning you need in case you fall while tumbling on it. At the same time, you will not be able to practice some stunts if the mat is too thick because your hands or feet will sink into it even when they are not supposed to.

Considering the above, you should choose the density and thickness of the mat depending on the type of exercises you are going to do. Foldable mats are the most versatile, so choose them if you are not sure what you need.


Do not forget that big tumbling mats require a lot of space. Do not waste money on a huge mat unless it is suitable for your room! Moreover, you need to make sure the product is big enough for you to practice stunts on. Try to find the average-sized mat that will not be to large or too small.


As you improve your physical form, you will start spending more hours per week practicing on the tumbling mat. Therefore, it should be durable enough for regular use.

Obviously, durable tumbling mats are usually more expensive than the others are. However, you should not buy cheap option unless you plan to use it on rare occasions. Instead of saving a couple of dollars, pick an advanced model that will serve you for many years.

The surface and softness

Using an overly stiff tumbling mat is neither comfortable nor safe. You will quickly lose the interest in exercises if your equipment is unpleasant to use. Instead of wasting money on a cheap tumbling mat, buy a more comfortable option made from a soft material.

A high-quality tumbling mat must have a protective layer. It guarantees that the shock absorber qualities of the product are good enough to protect the user and will not decrease over time. Additionally, the mat should not be slippery since you might have to run or jump during exercises.


Giving the number of various tumbling mats on the market, choosing the very best product is a rather hard task. This buying guide will help you buy the right option for your needs. I have tried dozens of various mats and picked some of the best of them. Read my instructions to understand what type of tumbling mat you should buy. Thanks to my rating list, you can see the most popular products and order any of them in a couple of clicks.

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