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Lester BrownMy name is Lester Brown, and I am happy to welcome you on my personal web page! I am a professional cynologist and know a lot about dog food. So I decided to make a rating list of the best wet dog food of 2018.

I also recommend you to check up my mini-guide about wet pet food. There is a plenty of important things about it, that many dog owners did not even hear of. Maybe, you will be able to learn something new. Enjoy!




№1 – Weruva Dog Food

Weruva Dog Food
Chicken meat is very healthy: it is easy to digest and has many valuable vitamins;
It is made from 100% natural ingredients;
My older dog loves it like nothing else;
This is a human-grade product – it smells so yummy that sometimes I want to try it myself!

Why did this canned dog food win the first place?

Because this is a premium quality dog food, which is good for animals of any age.


№2 – Wellness CORE Natural

Wellness CORE Natural
These formulas include many useful antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics;
Manufactured in North America according to all standards;
It is grain-free, so you can give it to animals with allergies;
It is reasonably priced.

Why did this canned dog food come in second place?

Because “Wellness” makes good dog food, and this “Core” series is amazing.


№3 – Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient
Can be given to puppies, adults and seniors;
Has a long shelf life;
It helps to maintain digestive health of our pets;
Duck & Potato flavor is my dog’s favorite – he eats it up immediately!

Why did this canned dog food take third place?

Because this is one of the best series of non-organic dog food that you can ever find.





Attention! Don’t buy any wet dog food until you read the FAQ!



What is the difference between dry and wet dog food?

Dry dog food is easier to store, calorie-dense and it helps to clean teeth. Wet dog food is more tasty and appetizing, it contains more protein and fat and is easier to eat. I recommend you to give your pet both dry and wet food.

Can canned dog food go bad in heat?

Yes, it can. Canned dog food is not meant to be kept in heat, so you should store it in a dry and dark place at room temperature.

Can canned dog food be heated?

Yes, but you should not heat it to scalding or boiling. It does not make food better and only serves to make it have a stronger smell. I recommend doing it only if you have an elderly dog who have diminished sense of smell to increase their appetite – otherwise just serve wet dog food at room temperature.

What is the best wet dog food for yorkies?

Yorkies are small and fragile dogs that often require dietary food. Do not forget, that they have very little stomaches, so it is better to feed them at least four times a day with tiny portions. I recommend you “Royal Canin” and “Merrick” formulas for small breeds – they are expensive, but good. As for cheaper options – look for similar products from “Wellness” and “Natural Balance”.

What is the best wet dog food brand?

dog food for shih tzusIn my opinion, “Merrick” shares the first place with “Royal Canin”. Both companies make great premium-quality wet dog food. Royal Canin formulas are easier to find in Europe, and Merrick is more popular in US – but no matter which of them you will choose, be sure that your dogs would like it very much.

What is the best wet dog food for shih tzus?

Though shih tzus are not generally picky, this small breed needs lots of protein. Additionally, due to the big amount of hair they have, it is important that your pet is getting enough Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin A. Every brand from my rating list has formulas for small breeds, that would suit these requirements.

What is best wet dog food for sensitive stomach?

Without question, “Purina Pro Plan Focus” has the best set of ingredients for dogs with sensitive stomach. It is suitable for small, average and big breeds and has a fair price tag.

How long can wet dog food last in the fridge?

Opened cans of wet dog food stored in the fridge last up to three days. Otherwise, it is better to throw them away if you do not want to harm your pet.

How much wet dog food should I feed my puppy?

Puppies need a lot of food. Set serving sizes according to information on labels. From birth to six months of age, it is better to feed them four times a day. Later you may decrease feedings to two, but increase portions. All this time you should use wet food designed for puppies – it is higher in protein and enriched with vitamins essential for growth.

What are health benefits of canned dog food?

Canned dog food is easy to chew and digest, it contains many proteins and vitamins (that are very helpful, especially during puppyhood). The high moisture content and soft texture of wet food makes it perfect for animals with digestive difficulties or an upset stomach. It also helps to prevent kidney disease by increasing water intake.

What kind of wet dog food is best for puppies?

I always feed puppies with this amazing product formula:

Wellness Complete Health Natural
Niche Leader
It is great for all breeds;
Supports the development of bones, muscles and teeth;
Includes large set of vitamins that your puppy needs;
It is a natural source of Omega-3, which are very important fatty acids for any dog.

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What is the best wet dog food for senior dogs?

Grain Free Turducken Classic Recipe from Merrick offers a great set of valuable vitamins and mineral as well as delicious mix of various meats (chicken, turkey and duck). It is a very good wet canned food for older dogs – my pets love it!

What is the best wet dog food for weight gain?

dog and foodYou need to understand, that wet food for weight gain has to include the calories and the essential nutrients the animal needs. Of course, the product has to be tasty, so that your pet is more likely to eat it. You can use any premium-level brand, which your dog likes, like “Royal Canin” or “Merrick”.

What is the best wet dog food to mix with Orijen?

Choose any product from my rating list. I myself usually mix dry food with products from “Weruva” (specifically – Paw Lickin’ Chicken series). My dogs enjoy it!

What is the best canned dog food to mix with dry?

Any high-quality wet food would be good. If you want your dog to get the best – buy “Royal Canin”, “Weruva” or “Merrick”.

What are the benefits of mixing wet and dry dog food?

By mixing wet and dry dog food, you are providing your pet with the best qualities of both of these types. It also allows you to save some money on canned food, because kibble is generally much cheaper.

Is wet dog food bad for teeth?

No. It is not bad, it is just not as healthy for teeth as dry food. It is very unlikely that wet dog food might lead to mouth diseases, because it is usually soft and easy to chew.

What is the best wet dog food for sensitive stomachs?

I feed my own dog with this canned food from Royal Canin:

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine
Niche Leader
It can be used to feed dogs of any age;
Meets all quality standards;
Most dogs like its taste;
It helps to improve coat.

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What is the best wet dog food for picky eaters?

Your dog is a picky eater, if it refuses to eat most of the food you offer him. If he had always behave this way, there is no need to worry – continue to buy wet food he likes and do not try to find something new. However, if your pet usually displays a good appetite but suddenly starts to turn up his nose at food, it might be an indication of a medical problem – show him to the vet as soon as possible.

Is there a good wet dog food for sensitive skin?

If your dog has problems with skin, I highly recommend you to buy him this Purina Pro Plan formula:

Classic Wet Dog Food Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon
Niche Leader
Made with natural nutrient-rich salmon;
Its high concentration of Omega-6 fatty acid is very useful for dogs’ skin and coat;
It is not very expensive;
Thanks to its consistency this food is suitable both for small and big breeds.

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Can cats eat wet dog food?

Of course, you can feed your cat with canned dog food, but only occasionally. Long-term feeding cats with food formulated for dogs is very dangerous. For proper nutrition, your kitty should only eat products made specifically for cats, since they have different nutritional needs and might get sick if fed a diet designed for dogs.

What canned dog food is made in the USA?

According to standards of The Federal Trade Commission, product is allowed carry a “Made in the USA” label if it is entirely made in the United States. For wet canned food, that includes the packaging, ingredients and production of the food.

How wet dog food is made?

All manufacturers of wet dog food use their own formulas and lists of ingredients, but most canned dog foods are made using the same methods. First step is assembly and grinding of raw materials (meat, fish), second step – mixing and cooking. Afterwards the product is packaged in cans which in turn are being sterilized before labeling and distribution.

What kind of wet dog food is best for puppies?

As you may have guessed, wet dog food specifically designed for puppies is your best choice. Such puppy food formulas contain more protein, vitamins, and minerals for growth.

Can canned dog food cause diarrhea?

Yes, feeding your dog with low quality or expired canned dog food might lead to diarrhea. It is also possible that ingredients of the chosen food do not agree with your pet’s stomach – then simply change the brand or flavor.

What is the best wet dog food for diabetic dogs?

I think that “Royal Canin” makes the best veterinary diet wet food for dogs. It is delicious, effective and helps to combat diabetes:

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Diabetic
Niche Leader
This is the most effective wet food for diabetic dogs that I know;
Contains low amounts of starch;
It improves insulin sensitivity of your dog;
Includes tons of important minerals and vitamins.

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What is the best canned dog food for small breeds?

Every manufacturer sells formula for puppies – you can buy it from a trustworthy company if you cannot find the specialized cans for small breeds. I would recommend you to use “Royal Canin” for small breeds – it is one of the best wet food due to its versatility and quality.

What is the best wet dog food for large breeds?

With big dogs come big responsibilities. Your pet needs to receive complete set of required vitamins and minerals. I feed my own dogs with FOCUS wet food for large breed from Purina – they are healthy and happy despite their old ages.

Can wet dog food cause constipation?

It is unlikely. On the contrary, veterinarians recommend feeding dogs suffering from constipation with canned dog food, because its high moisture content may help to normalize the digestive system.

How to store wet dog food?

Store unopened cans of wet dog food at room temperature in a dark and dry place. I, for example, keep it in pantry. Opened cans should be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. It is better to use plastic containers to keep food from drying out.

What is the best canned dog food to lose weight?

I cured about twelve overweight dogs using this wet food:

ROYAL CANIN Canine Weight Control
Niche Leader
It is made from natural ingredients;
Helps to normalize metabolism of your dog’s stomach;
Contains Omega-3 fatty acids;
Shows results after 2 weeks of feeding. Thanks to it I managed to cure a couple of dogs in only a month!

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What is the best canned dog food after surgery?

Royal Canin Recovery is great. Keep in mind, that it Is also suitable for cats – amazingly good product! Its soft consistency allows weak animals to easily eat (it also can be fed through feeding tubes), while its palatability stimulates the appetite.

How long does canned dog food last unopened?

Most of wet dog food, including the cheapest and the most expensive brands, are preserved using the same sterilization and vacuum preservation and last from two to five years from the date of manufacture.

What brand of wet dog food is the best?

The answer to this question is completely subjective, since there are too many brands that manufacture wet dog food of relatively the same quality. For me, Royal Canin is the best brand – they sell good products at fair prices.

Do dogs need wet dog food?

Feeding dogs with canned food is desirable, but not necessary. You are able to provide your pet with all the necessary proteins and vitamins through regular food (milk, meat, grains and so on), but it is much harder and more expensive to do.

What is the best wet dog food for allergies?

Usually I use this formula from “Nature’s Variety”:

Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free
Niche Leader
It does not contain any grains or glutens;
Includes Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat;
Balanced for puppies, adults and seniors;
It actually consists from real salmon and pork!

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What is the best wet dog food for Pitbulls?

Pitbull is an active bully-breed dog. It requires large amount of energy, which is not surprising given the fact that pitbulls have large and strong muscles. Feed them twice a day with big portions of any product from my TOP 3 list – and they are going to be OK.

What is the difference between dry and wet dog food?

Dry food for dogs looks like a biscuit and comes in various bags. It does contain a small amount of water – about 10%, which is added into the mix of ingredients to make a dough (just like from a regular pit). The dough is being raised in the cooker and then is pushed through a tiny hole or die, under pressure. This process causes the dough to heat up, and it is cooked as it is pushed through.

Considering wet dog food – it consist between 70 and 85% water, and includes ingredients from dry show as well as unique things from its recipe (depends on the manufacturer).

What is the best wet dog food made in USA?

All USA-made dog food is good, since Food and Drug Administration sets pretty strict regulations. Here is a good American product:

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Hearty Stew
Niche Leader
Great pricing for such a quality dog food;
Provides your pets with complete and balanced nutrition;
You can safely fed it to dogs, suffering from allergies;
All ingredients are domestic – they use nothing from China!

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What is the best wet dog food for maltese?

Maltese are beautiful small-breed dogs with long silky coats. Such tiny, but active creatures like them have very fast metabolisms so they basically need diet higher in fat than most traditional breeds, but they still need plenty of protein to maintain lean muscle mass and a healthy and shiny coat. The best way to ensure that both of these needs are met is to feed your Maltese a toy- or small-breed specific recipe.

What is the best wet dog food for picky eaters?

dog food for boxersIf your dog is picky and eats products only from certain brands – just keep on giving it to him. If you want to stop it – start to give him different things, and there are chances he will actually do it.

What is the best wet dog food for boxers?

Boxers are active medium sized dogs, so they need enough food to stay in shape. There is not anything much to say – simply pick one of the products from my stash.

What is the best wet dog food for digestion?

If your pet is having troubles with his stomach – simplify its diet. Cut everything from its diet except for the standard dog food. Here is a couple of good formulas that come to mind: “Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Formula” and “AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice”.

Can wet dog food cause worms?

Absolutely not. Worms come from eating live prey or from a flea infestation. All wet dog food undergoes heat treatment, so there is no way it can cause worms.

How much protein contained in canned dog food?

It depends on the brand and the type of formula you are using to feed your dog. Usually a can of wet food contains about 10% crude protein.

Can canned dog food be microwaved?

Yes, you can do it in order to quickly warm up wet food from the fridge, but remember to place it into utensils suitable for the microwave.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the wet dog food by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

This is all I wanted to share about canned food for dogs. If you recently got a dog or never fed your pets with wet food before – I think, that I answered most of the questions that you might have had. Quoting the classic, “You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed” – remember these words and treat your furry friend well. In reply, he will love you forever! Wet dog food from my rating list suits in most of the cases, so if you are not sure what product to buy – pick one from the TOP-3.

So, TOP3 of wet dog food:

Canned dog food is best for puppies:

Wet dog food for diabetic dogs:

Canned dog food to lose weight:

Wet dog food for dogs with allergies:

Canned dog food made in USA:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about wet dog food is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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