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Chloe WalkerMy name is Chloe Walker and I have been working as a fitness instructor for 5 years. Knowing, how difficult it is for beginners to choose the right sport equipment, I decided to create this guide.

I invite you to read my rating of the best yoga pants of 2018 and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about them. I tried my best to make this web page useful!



Top 6 best yoga pants reviews:




№1 – Power Flex Yoga Pants

Power Flex Yoga Pants
They are thick enough, so you cannot see through them;
They does not smell at all (you would be surprises, but many cheap yoga leggings stink);
You can wear them anywhere – they always look decent and would never rip;
There is a room to pull the waist higher if needed (without losing the length).

Why did this yoga pants win the first place?

Because these are my favorite yoga pants. I use them every time I go to gym!


№2 – Boot-Leg Yoga Pant

Boot-Leg Yoga Pant
They fit well for large thighs;
Comfortable and soft – best option for wearing at home;
They stretch well;
The fabric is good for this price.

Why did this yoga pants come in second place?

Because these are nice and comfortable pants, but they shrink in size after washing.


№3 – Tights Active Yoga Pants

Tights Active Yoga Pants
They are making you look skinner;
Comfortable fit;
The fabric is very nice to the touch;
It lets skin breath.

Why did this yoga pants take third place?

Because these are cheap pants with a good fit, but the fabric is easy to rip – be careful!





Attention! Don’t buy any yoga pants until you read the FAQ!



Are yoga pants healthy?

Yes. Yoga leggings of the right size will most likely become your most comfortable and favorite clothing. They will not bother you at all, since generally they are made from breathable and soft fabric – and that is really good for your health. But remember: your pants have to be of an optimal size – do not buy smaller sizes to make yourself look better!

Are yoga pants illegal?

No, they are absolutely legal! There were some people, that tried to forbid wearing yoga pants on the streets due to their “provocativeness”, but there are no actual laws that do it.

What are the benefits of wearing yoga pants?

grey yoga pantsThey are hygienic, sweat-free, suits for any type of physical exercise, can be worn with other pieces of clothing… Should I continue? There are tons of benefits!

What are the best yoga pants after C-section?

You need to wear free and comfortable clothes during recovery after caesarean section – so yoga leggings are a great choice! You should look for the models of your size made from cotton – this is the best material, which lets your skin breathe. In this case, do not care about how your yoga pants look – judge them only by their convenience!

What are the best yoga leggings for big thighs?

If you are struggling with big thighs – buy a stretchable and flattering pair of yoga leggings. Check Spalding model from my rating list – this is a good and inexpensive option for your.

What are the best yoga pants for guys?

Yoga pants for guys should meet the same criteria as yoga leggings for women: be comfortable, stretchable and breathable. My boyfriend likes this model:

yoga pants for guys
Niche Leader
Soft and durable fabric;
I washed them many times, and there is still no signs of tear and wear;
They do not roll or fall down;
My boyfriend looks very hot in them!

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What are the best yoga pants for hiking?

Hiking in yoga leggings becomes more popular with every year. It is understandable – they are comfortable, they fit well, and, finally, they are much less expensive than professional clothing. I recommend you to choose synthetic or microfiber yoga pants. Believe me – the last thing that you would want to drag around is a wet pair of cotton pants (or natural fiber pants, that absorb as much moisture as cotton). You would have to often change and dry them, and if you were faced with a week of rainy days, they would become a real disaster. Synthetic pants does not have such a problem, since they do not absorb water.

What are the best yoga pants for hot yoga?

mens yoga pantsFirst of all, make sure that your pants have the optimal size for you. If you have to stretch them too much to put it on and then stretch it again in yoga class – there are huge chances for them to torn apart right in the middle of an exercise. I doubt, that you would like to be in that situation – so choose a stretchable model.

What are the best yoga pants for pregnancy?

They are not that easy to find. The best yoga leggings for pregnancy should be flattering, but very comfortable. You not only have to look good, but also do not feel any inconveniences. Looks for cotton pants, that will allow your skin to breathe and will not be too tight.

What are the best yoga leggings to hide cellulite?

Black and tight leggings are the best for slimming and flattering. You will be able to hide cellulite – but do not overdo it buy buying pants that are three times smaller than you actually need – it is unhealthy and may result into serious injuries.

How do yoga pants to hide cellulite work?

Yoga pants, designed to hide cellulite, make your legs seem significantly firmer. It targets stubborn curves, making your skin feel better with high-quality fabric that helps your contour appear more streamlined. Choose the black color for the best effect, because it helps to make all body types look slimmer and flatter.

Yoga pants, that help to hide cellulite, primarily are made from nylon and spandex. Good textile has smooth and seamless weave, which feels amazing – you would not even feel them on you. Such pants make figure look slender and help to make the skin healthier and smoother. Keep in mind, that it is better to wash them in cold water using the gentle mode on washing machine.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove cellulite by just using these pants. Exercise at least 40 minutes a day. You can start from simple exercises, such as squats, but increase the intensity of workouts if you really want to achieve results.

Can I wear yoga pants on my period?

Yes, why not? Just make sure, that they are not see-through and do not forget to use tampons.

Can I wear yoga leggings to work?

Well, if you look appropriate in them – you can do that. I am sure, that your male colleagues would like that!

Can yoga pants be business casual?

Yes. Use accessories and shirt long enough to cover your backside. With a good sense of style, you can make yourself look as professional as in any business outfit.

Can yoga leggings be used for running?

Sure! Pants are great for running: I always use them myself.

Can yoga pants rip?

Yes. This often happens to women who are trying to make themselves look skinnier by putting on pants that are too small for them. If you do not want to rip your pants – choose a big enough size.

What are cropped yoga pants?

Cropped yoga leggings (also known as capri) are something in between shorts and trousers. It is a great choice for warmer days or cardio training sessions. I myself use this pair:

cropped yoga pants
Niche Leader
They fit tight, but feel comfortable;
Good for any physical exercises;
I wash them regularly, yet they do not shrink in size;
I use them while teaching fitness classes.

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What is the difference between jazz pants and yoga pants?

Jazz pants are a little bit looser, than yoga leggings, and generally they have a black waist band. Otherwise they are almost same. You can easily use one of these types instead of another.

What is the difference between yoga pants and sweatpants?

They are totally different. Yoga pants are made from stretchable material, while sweatpants should not stretch. Yoga leggings are meant to be tight, while sweatpants are loose.

What types of fabrics are used for yoga pants?

Most used fabrics for pants are:

  • Polyester and spandex (excellent for stretching and yoga);
  • Nylon (best choice for running and aerobics);
  • Cotton (universal material, which fits good enough for all types of training).

pink yoga pants

What type of panties to wear with yoga pants?

Some women choose thongs, because they do not want lines to be visible. I myself prefer boyshorts – they are more comfortable for workouts.

Who created yoga pants?

According to many sources, Ryan McLatchy was the one who invented yoga leggings. There is not that much information about him, though.

What types of shirts to wear with yoga pants?

You can use practically everything. Baggy plain t-shirts, sports sweatshirts, yoga hoodies, crewnecks… choose whatever you like!

What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Yoga pants flare at the bottoms and have a top that folds over, while leggings are generally much thinner and tight all the way to the ankle. The last are supposed to be worn under a skirt or long shirt (because they are almost transparent).

How to choose most flattering yoga pants?

Various hemlines help to flatter various body types. Here is the list of main styles of hemline:

  • Skinny style. This style of yoga pant has a very tight fit. It is a great way to flatter women with toned and shapely legs. People who are having hard time with their legs may wish to opt for a looser cut of yoga pants.
  • Straight cut. These models cling to the upper thighs to the knee just as usual, but they fall straight to the ground from knees to the floor. Such yoga pants flatter curved women, since it falls away from the body and may not cling as tightly to problem areas.
  • Flare and boot cut. These yoga pants are oriented on petite women. People with larger thighs and hips may also prefer this style as the flare balances out the hips. As with the straight cut style, it sticks to the upper thighs before gradually widening at the knee as it extends to the floor.

As to the color – always choose black, because it will strengthen the flattering effect.

What is the difference between yoga pants and running tights?

Running tights may have zipper pockets or waistband ties and, obviously, they are much better for running. Usually running tights are made with high Lycra content for moisture wicking – so if you bend over while wearing them you will be able to see through them – it would not happen to a quality pair of pants.

Are there yoga pants without band?

Yes. Here is a good model, which my friend bought and liked:

yoga pants without band
Niche Leader
It made my friend look skinnier;
You can easily hide the waist compression band under clothes;
They are warm and soft;
They are not see-through, so you can use them anywhere.

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Which yoga pants are not see through?

Yoga pants should not be see-through – so you can choose a pair from any trustworthy manufacturer, and it will not be transparent.

Why yoga pants smell bad after washing?

Do not be embarrassed – bad smell from your workout yoga leggings is completely normal. Even not smelly persons suffer from this problem. To solve it, try to wash your clothes as soon as possible and turn it inside out before loading into washing machine.

Is it OK to wear yoga pants over a new tattoo?

It is better to keep nothing over a tattoo for at least 3 hours – then it will not mess up. And, of course, pants would way better, than jeans – they are softer and do not make such a hard pressure on skin, but a skirt or dress would be even more comfortable for this occasion.

How to wear yoga pants without underwear lines?

Buy super-thick models or use thongs. Some brands offer “invisible” underwear – such as “Commando” – it is a good option too.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the yoga pants by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Yoga pants are comfortable, inexpensive and stylish. There is no wonder why they got so popular – you can combine them with any clothing and wear them to any occasion. However, it is important to choose pants wisely: depending on what you want, you may need one or another material, length or thickness. I included the most universal and affordable models in this guide: you can buy any pair from my TOP-3 and use it everywhere. I hope that my recommendations turned out to be useful for you. Good luck!

So, TOP3 of yoga pants:

Yoga pants for guys:

Cropped pants:

Yoga leggings without band:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about yoga pants is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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