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Hello! My name is Nelson Burns, and I have been playing yoyo since I was a kid. I spent countless hours creating my own tricks and improving skills. I noticed that there is not that many good yoyo buying guides, so I decided to make a short instruction for beginners and the list of the best yoyos of 2018.

If you wanted to buy a yoyo, but did not know, how to choose the best one – you came to the right place!



Top 5 best yoyos reviews:




№1 – Duncan Metal Drifter

Duncan Metal Drifter
This is a professional yoyo with counterweight for freehand tricks;
Comes in various colors – blue and golden are my favorites;
Made from high-quality aluminum;
Returns without a bind, so it is great for beginners.

Why did this yoyo win the first place?

Because it has an exceptional balance and well-built housing.


№2 – Magic YoYo Original T8

Magic YoYo Original T8
Very well-balanced;
Comes with a good string;
Painted evenly and smoothly, which is a rarity for yoyos under $20;
Includes extra strings.

Why did this yoyo come in second place?

Because the material and overall housing quality is not as good as that of Duncan’s yoyo, but still – it is a great unresponsive yoyo for starters.


№3 – Magic YoYo N11

Magic YoYo N11
Includes great silicone weight rings;
Binds easily – even a beginner would be able to play with it;
I like its weight – it just feels right;
Great price tag.

Why did this yoyo take third place?

Because of controversial coloring and the lack of additional strings.





Attention! Don’t buy any yoyos until you read the FAQ!



What are the best yoyo brands?

As you may have guessed, the highest quality yoyos are those with the highest price. YoYoFactory, Onedrop, Throw Revolution and Duncan sell expensive, but well-assembled products for professionals. Choosing by price/quality ratio, I would recommend you Duncan – you can find mid-priced options (check number one in my rating list) of exceptional quality!

Why Duncan is the best yoyo brand?

In my opinion, Duncan deserve to be called the best yoyo brand at least because of its age. It has been around since 1929. I hope you will agree with me that almost 90 years of experience means a lot! Nowadays Duncan offers around twenty various yoyo models that are used by both beginners and professional players. Their products are made from high quality plastic and use chemical-free paints. They are suitable for everyone and yet have an affordable price tag.

This company is responsible for the popularization of yoyo, at first – across the United States and later – across the whole world. If it were not for Duncan brand, who knows – maybe, we would not be playing yoyos now.

It is also worth mentioning, that Duncan is the most popular yoyo brand among champions and participants of The World Yo-Yo Contest. Their yoyos are truly exceptional – that is why I placed Duncan Metal Drifter on the first place of my rating list.

What is the best yo yo in the world?

Throw Revolution Vertex YoyoI guess that Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo is the best one. It has a crazy high price tag, but it also uses a stainless steel rim and has an original shape, designed for long combination. And, by the way, it was developed by 2011 1A World Champion Marcus Koh. Believe me, that guy knows how to play yoyo!

Who is the best yoyo player in the world?

According to results of the last World Yo-Yo Contest, Shion Araya is the best male player and Beatriz Gallegos Garcia is the best female player.

What’s the best yoyo for sleeping?

To be honest, yoyo itself does not matter as much as your skill. As long as you have a nice powerful straight throw, almost any bearing yoyo will spin long enough for any trick. You can get any product from my rating list and start practicing – eventually you will realize that any good yoyo suits for long sleepers.

What’s the best type of yoyo string to use?

I use simple polyester strings. These are my favorites:

Snake Bite Yo-Yo Strings
Niche Leader
The set includes 10 strings;
It is very tight;
Have a beautiful bright color (looks better in life);
Very resilient to stretch and wear.

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What is the best yoyo for 5 year old?

Of course, I strongly advice against professional unresponsive yoyo. Buy any light responsive toy for children.

What is the best yoyo for beginner to intermediate?

beginner yoyosA friend of mine started to play yoyo in the last year. He used Duncan Metal Drifter to advance intermediate tricks. I heard only good things about this product so far! It is a decent yoyo under 25 dollars.

What is the best kind of yoyo for tricks?

If you are just starting to perform yoyo tricks, I recommend you to choose a product of the classic shape. I am talking about the standard shape that most people think of while imagining a yoyo. It did not change since it was introduced for the first time in the America. The classic shape is great for all purposes and you will be able to do most of the tricks with it.

How to find your best yoyo for tricks?

After you learn basic tricks with yoyo, you will want to improve your skills. In order to do that you need to get a suitable yoyo. There are two main types of yoyo tricks: looping tricks and string tricks.

Yoyos of Butterfly shape allow making many various string tricks of any difficulty. I recommend it for beginners, because it makes all tricks much easier to perform. However, you will not be able to do most of the looping moves with a Butterfly shape yoyo.

If you want to focus on looping tricks, then go for Imperial or Raider shape. The first has an elliptical shape with a small gap dividing the round shape. This is the very first and the most traditional yoyo shape and it got its name after the Duncan Imperial yoyo that made this game so popular. As for Raider shape – it is mostly used for looping techniques nowadays. It is also decent for easier string tricks, so this is the best choice for beginners.

What is the best yoyo for a beginner?

I really like yoyos from Duncan – and this one is amazing for novice players:

Duncan Imperial Yo Yo
Niche Leader
This time-tested model does not lose its actuality since its introduction in 1954;
It is great for both children and adults;
Has a Steel Axle. The yoyo spins pretty smooth thanks to that;
You will be able to quickly grasps the basic of yoyo play with it.

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What are the best yo yo tricks?

I myself like the classic tricks that remain the fundamental basis for other tricks. One of the most beautiful and important of them is the sleeper (it is when the yoyo is continuously spinning at the end of the string). Loop the Loop is a great one for responsive yoyos – it is not very complicated and can be performed by beginners, but it still looks awesome (it is when the yoyo is swirls around your throw hand).

How to do the best yoyo tricks?

There is no any secrets. You just have to practice a lot – and eventually you will be good enough to perform the craziest things with your yoyo!

professional yoyos

What it the best yoyo for professional?

Professionals use competitive models about 100 dollars. Some of the most expensive yoyos cost up to 400 dollars! One of the greatest yoyos I have ever seen is Ribira by Japan Technology. It has a unique titanium housing, which made a revolution in the segment of professional yoyos. The price is corresponding the quality – you will need to spend 399 dollars to get this!

What is the best yoyo under 20 bucks?

Check number two and three from my rating list – both of these yoyos are under 20 bucks. Trust me, these are the best options you have for this amount of money.

What is the best yoyo for looping?

LOOP 360 from YoYoFactory is a great yoyo for looping tricks. I often use this model – it combines the great shape, good response system and the weight is just right. Finally yet importantly, the price. This yoyo is pretty cheap – you can get it for less than 10 bucks.

What is the best yoyo for finger spins?

Horizon by YoYoFactory hand down is the best yoyo for finger spins. In fact, it was designed for it. It is a pretty expensive, though – the average price tag for Horizon is 45 dollars.

What is the best yoyo for child?

I bought this yoyo from Duncan for my little sister’s birthday:

Duncan Pulse Yo Yo
Niche Leader
It is sturdy – my sister has dropped it a million times, but it did not fall apart;
Comes with a great soft string, which will not harm your child;
You can adjust it into unresponsive mode;
It has LED-lights inside. This thing looks amazing during the tricks!

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What is the best yoyo ever?

Though it is hard to name the best yoyo model ever made, I think that Duncan Metal Drifter absolutely deserves this title. It is indeed a very good yoyo – after all, I would not place a bad product on top of my rating list.

Duncan Metal Drifter is a metallic yoyo with a Butterfly shape, which is the best one for beginners. This is one of the least expensive model on the market and yet it is good enough to be used for performing many novice and intermediate string tricks. It is very versatile. Anytime you want you can turn this yoyo into an unresponsive model to do advanced tricks.

It is also customizable – there are caps on the sides of the axle hubs that you can unscrew and replace the bolt and nut in order to use narrower or wider spacer.

So, this is an inexpensive reliable yoyo from the best yoyo brand in the world. It has a beautiful aluminum body and comes in various colors. This is more than enough for the best yoyo ever!

Is there an officially acclaimed status of the best yoyo in the world?

No. The competition between various yoyo manufacturers is too high, so it is almost impossible to find impartial reviews on large internet resources. However, this is my own blog and I have no interest in promotion of any specific brand, so let’s try to find the best yoyo in the world together!

How can we do that? I think, that the most obvious and accurate sign of the quality of a yoyo is its popularity among professional players. Yes, you might say that these players get paid to play with specific models, but we are going to discuss the most important and prestigious yoyo contest – the World Yo-Yo Contest. These players have actually won it.

Let’s check, what yoyo models did the recent winners use:

Marcus Koh, 2011 champion and 2012 vice-champion, uses Gladius yoyo by Throw Revolution. Check him out performing with it in 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VSfUrO0TuE

2012 champion Hiroyuki Suzuki used Anglam2 by sOMEThING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaReY9C-7xs

And, finally, Shion Araya took the first place in the latest World Yo-Yo Contest with the Radius by C3yoyodesign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWQeW7uOuDI

As you can see, all players used different brands and models, but considering the fact that the last year’s winner used Radius I would call it the best model – at least until 2018 World Yo-Yo Contest.

How to do yoyo trick called Boingy Boing?

This is a very impressive, but also very hard trick. You will need to learn basics before even trying to perform it – it will take many hours of practice. If you feel that you are good enough – check this useful video guide on YouTube:

Boingy Boing

Is it true that yo yo was used as a weapon in Philippines?

It is hard to believe, but yes – for over 400 years ancient Filipinos used it as a weapon. Their militaristic version of nowadays a well-known toy was larger and had sharp edges and studs. Instead of strings, they used thick ropes for throwing at enemies or prey.

Who invented the yo yo?

American businessperson Donald Franklin Duncan Senior trademarked the name Yo-Yo in 1929, but the toy was invented many years before that happened. This is one of the oldest toys in history – it was found that children of ancient Greeks played with them (the oldest discovered image of yoyo is around 2500 years old).

What is yoyo lube?

Yoyo lube is used by professional yoyo players in order to increase the yoyo’s lifespan and to keep everything running as smooth as possible. Usually it is made from trumpet oil, but some manufacturers use gun oil. I use it only on my expensive yoyos – do not even bother to lube your cheap models (it is easier to buy another one after some time).

What is the difference between responsive and unresponsive yoyo?

A responsive yoyo returns in hand after an easy tug after throwing it. You will not be able to return an unresponsive model to your hand by a simple tug – no matter how hard you try. You will need to learn a base trick called a “bind” to force the yoyo to return to your hand. Even if you are seriously planning to start playing yoyo on the professional level, I still recommend you to buy a cheap responsive model to start with. It will help you identify troubles with your throw that you might face during the beginning of learning.

How long a yoyo string should be?

Standard length of a yoyo string is about 40 inches (approximately one meter). You need to adjust the string length according to your height. In order to do that, take the end of it and let your yoyo touch the ground. Check at how high the end of the string is. The correct setting is usually around bellybutton level to 10 centimeters above it.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the yoyos by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



What does the best yoyo for beginners should be like?

According to International Yo-Yo Federation, there are five various styles of play with yoyo:

  • 1A style yo-yoing: string play with a single yo-yo;
  • 2A style yo-yoing: looping play with dual yo-yos;
  • 3A style yo-yoing: string play with dual yo-yos;
  • 4A style yo-yoing: offstring play with multiple or single yo-yo(s);
  • 5A style yo-yoing: freehand play with multiple or single yo-yo(s).

Obviously, you need to start learning with a 1A yo-yo. I recommend you to buy two models at once: responsive and unresponsive. It is OK to choose even the cheapest responsive yo-yo for beginners, because you will switch to unresponsive one soon (if you want to learn tricks, of course).

So, what should you take in consideration before buying the best unresponsive yoyo for beginners?
Here is the list:

  • Size. Full-size yo-yo is your best choice.
  • Material. Buy a plastic model – it is cheaper and should
  • Weight. Yo-yo weighing about 65-67 grams is the best for starters.
  • Bearings. Choose models with regular stainless-steel bearings.
  • Shape. Butterfly yo-yo is the best option for beginners. It is bad for looping, but great for learning tricks thanks to a wide gap.



Final Word

Yoyo is a wonderful toy. It is incredibly simple to play, and yet it requires a lot of time and dedication to master on the professional level. For me, this is the most appealing quality of yoyo – you can just have fun playing with it or take it more serious and practice complicated tricks. It is really easy to get carried away with it – that is exactly how yoyo became my main hobby!

I hope, that this guide was at least somewhat helpful for you – I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about yoyos and compiled the list of, as I think, the best yoyos of 2018. Good luck and have fun!

So, TOP3 of yoyos:

Yoyo string:

Best yoyo for a beginner:

Best yoyo for child:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about yoyos is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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